New Orleans Square Slowly Reopening Walkways as Refurbishment Progresses at Disneyland

Refurbishment projects have taken over New Orleans Square at Disneyland, making it a maze of construction walls.

Between Pirates of the Caribbean being closed for major refurbishment, as well as Blue Bayou, and the traffic improvement project underway throughout the walkways of the land, and the Fantasmic! equipment refurbishments both on Tom Sawyer Island and on the New Orleans Square side, the land has become a real headache to visitors.

But some good news comes as walls are beginning to be removed from the Rivers of America edge of the land, making for more open walkways. Come with us now on a walk around New Orleans Square to see the state of the land.

Work on Tom Sawyer Island has seemingly been completed, with the scaffolding removed and the river refilled in the projection bays.

Along the shore, River Belle Terrace still has walls surrounding its patio.

And walkways are crammed as work continues on both sides.

Making our way down to Pirates of the Caribbean, the walls are still up but considerably scaled back. They once extended all the way to the end of the bridge to the right.

Moving forward into the French Quarter section, we see more walls on the left at the top of the Pirates queue and a section of walls here in the middle of the walkway.

A skinny pathway has been opened up along the side of the walls to allow guests back into the French Quarter. This pathway was closed just a few days ago and has since been reopened.

The clearances are, again, very tight in this corridor.

The exit of Pirates and Blue Bayou’s entrance are both still behind walls as the refurb progresses.

Rounding the corner at the end of the walkway, we come back toward the River and find more walls to the left, just opposite Café Orleans’ entrance.

Those walls make for a nice backdrop for The Bootstrappers, however.

Walking away from the band, we head closer to the Rivers of America.

Here is where we can really see the impact of the refurbishments now that the walls are coming down. The walkways are wider and do feel less cramped.

As we make our way back towards Pirates of the Caribbean, we see more open area that has had walls removed.

The work that was recently being done on the Fantasmic! light towers (under that grey panel on the ground) has been completed and the walls are down here too.

Are you looking forward to coming back to a less crowded New Orleans Square for the return of Fantasmic! later this month? Let us know in the comments below.

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