New ‘Turning Red’ Keychain, Costume Accessory Set, and Funko Pops at Disneyland Resort

New “Turning Red” Funko POP figures, plus a keychain and costume accessory set, are now available at Disneyland Resort. We found the keychain at the Emporium in Disneyland and the rest in World of Disney.

“Turning Red” Keychain – $14.99

The keychain has a large spinner charm.

The chain is golden, with a small boba tee charm and a smaller star charm.

The large charm has a teal circle. The center circle features Meilin in her red panda form on one side.

Mei in human form is on the other side.

“Turning Red” Costume Accessory Set – $36.99

The set includes a headband, gloves, and tail inspired by a red panda.

The ears are white on a red headband.

The fuzzy gloves are red.

The tail is striped with different shades of red.

Red Panda Mei Funko Pop – $29.99

This Funko POP figure is Mei in her red panda form, winking.

This figure is number 1185, while the other one (below) is 1184.

Meilin Lee Funko POP – $14.99

This one is Mei in human form, also winking.

She’s throwing up a peace sign and wearing a red cardigan, blue skirt, leggings, shoes, and eyeglasses.

Check out more “Turning Red” Merchandise from Disneyland:

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