New Wampa and Porg Lightsaber Hilt Caps Available at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland

Does your lightsaber need a reliable friend to decorate its base? Look no further than these new lightsaber pommels (also known as hilt caps) at Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland. Guests can visit the Creature Market to take one of these adorable designs home.

Wampa Lightsaber Pommel – $25

Tauntaun pommel front

This Wampa will strike fear in the heart of your foes no matter where you are in the galaxy. Young Padawans and Jedi alike will discover how easy it is to add this pommel to their lightsaber by simply twisting off the hilt cap and twisting this one on.

Tauntaun pommel right side
Tauntaun pommel side left
Tauntaun pommel top

Its icy blue sheen invokes the tundra of Hoth, where Luke Skywalker once famously escaped a Wampa’s grasp.

Tauntaun pommel base

Porg Lightsaber Pommels – $25

Porg Pommel front

Padawans will be unable to refuse the adorable eyes of this porg lightsaber pommel! This pommel appears to be lovingly hand carved from alien trees and destined to sit on the end of a powerful Jedi’s lightsaber.

Porg Pommel side
Porg Pommel back
Porg Pommel top
Porg Pommel Base

Run, fly, wobble, or slither to Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland for a chance to take one of these loyal critters home. Every Jedi needs a loyal companion, and these guys are perfect for the job.

Hilt caps featuring a loth cat and a rancor debuted earlier this year. For more from the Creature Stall, check out the adoptable critters available here.

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