REVIEW: Celebrate May the 4th With Delicious New Ishi Tib-style Beef Bantha Noodles and Vintian Mousse from Docking Bay 7 at Disneyland

Bright suns, and May the Fourth be with you! We’re at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland celebrating and decided to dine Batuu-style at Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo. They have two new dishes for the holiday.

Ishi Tib-style Pasta with Braised Beef Bantha – $18.99

Beef pot roast with coconut curry sauce, pasta, and mixed vegetables

These were delicious. The “Bantha” beef has great flavor and was very tender; it fell apart on our fork. The noodles were cooked well, and the sauce was flavorful. It says coconut curry, but it reminded us of vodka penne. 

There was a slight kick at the end to tie it all together, but not so spicy that you should be afraid of it. It was a hearty portion that we’d definitely get again.

Bantha are the furry creatures often used as mounts in the series. They were most recently seen in “The Book of Boba Fett.” The Ishi Tib, who inspired the dish, are an amphibian species from the planet Tibrin. There aren’t many notable Ishi Tib in Star Wars canon, but one can be seen working as a pirate with Hondo Ohnaka in “The Clone Wars” series.

Vintian Mineral Mousse – $7.99

Dark chocolate mousse with a banana brûlée center, strawberry mousse, and vanilla chantilly atop chocolate crumble, garnished with a cherry

The dessert was also delightful. It was light and bursting with chocolate flavor. The mousse was fluffy, and the plating made for great pictures.

It reminded us of a Japanese dessert that wasn’t overly sweet. It says banana, but we never detected any. Ours also was not garnished with a cherry as per the description.

On the side was a strawberry-flavored mousse that didn’t have a lot of flavor upfront but finished with a berry note. We recommend this.

Vintians are a rock-like alien species from the planet Vint, first introduced in the new “The High Republic” book series.

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