REVIEW: World of Color Dessert Party Returns to Disney California Adventure, Is It Worth It?

“World of Color” has returned to Disney California Adventure after two years, which means the dessert party is also back. The dessert party is mostly the same as it was before, but there are some important changes worth noting. So naturally, we decided to visit for ourselves.

With the dessert party, guests get access to a selection of desserts and cheeses, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, bottled water, and a reserved seating area for World of Disney.

The reserved seating area is in Paradise Gardens Park, which is where guests can check-in for the dessert party. This is on the left side of the viewing area near the large red obelisk surrounded by flowers, just across from the entrance of The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure.

Check-in is listed to begin at 8pm but guests were lined up way before that. I would suggest showing up an extra half-hour ahead of this. Your order in the queue is important for several reasons. Whether you are there for the first or second show, your placement in line will allow you to pick more desirable tables. If you are there for the second showing, they will check you in, give you your wristband, and give you a seating assignment. You can then leave and return when it is time for your viewing. First show guests, in this same line mind you, will be checked in, given their wristbands, and then eventually walked down to the viewing area around 8pm. Once down at the viewing area, they will be assigned seating, which is when a cast member will ask you if you have any preferences (low top/high top, what side, and so forth).

The party is $89 per guest, including tax and gratuity. Children ages 2 and younger may attend for free, provided they are seated on the lap of an adult.

The seating area has folding chairs and high-top tables with director chairs.

Each table has silverware and laminated menus.

Here is the full menu:


  • Seedless Grapes
  • Cheeses: sharp cheddar, Toma Provence, and double cream camembert
  • Raspberry-filled shortbread cookie
  • Rainbow crispie
  • Triple chocolate cheesecake
  • Blue raspberry bundt cake


  • Bottled water
  • Coffee and tea
  • Soft drinks: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite

Specialty Beverages

  • Sparkling wine
  • Beer
  • Rainbow spritzer (tequila)
  • Cherry Breeze (non-alcoholic)

Each guest age 21 years and older can have up to two alcoholic beverages. Soft drinks and bottled water are unlimited. Every guest will get the full plate of treats pictured below, while kids will also get a light up cup with the World of Color logo. We didn’t have a child with us, so sadly, we didn’t get one.

The desserts are excellent. The shortbread cookie filled with raspberry was our favorite, but the “crispie treat” was surprisingly good, probably thanks to the mix of Fruity Pebbles with Rice Krispies under white chocolate and sprinkles. The cheesecake and bundt cake were with having as well.

While the grapes were enjoyable, the rest of the plate is quite bad. This is the lowest quality cheese we’ve ever had in a Disney theme park, unacceptable at $89. The “grocery store” crackers do little to save them. While we appreciate the attempt at variety, this isn’t the answer.

The Rainbow Spritzer was made with Vodka when we visited as they are still playing around with the recipe. It is a standard, overly-sweet Disney cocktail. We didn’t find it offensive, but you have to remember that we’re served these types of drinks all the time reviewing theme park offerings. We imagine there is a larger audience who will just find this too sweet to enjoy.

There is beer and sparkling wine available as well, sure to please those who are interested in such.

Water and soft drinks are available as well.

The serving staff was beyond attentive in our experience. All of the Cast Members are what made the experience feel special and enjoyable, more-so than any other aspect.

We had a good amount of time to enjoy the drinks and desserts, roughly 45-50 minutes before the show started. Again, the earlier you get in line, the sooner you’ll get into the viewing area and get served. Then we got to enjoy the show:


Personally, we prefer to watch the show from the boardwalk at the very bottom of the viewing area, closest to the water. That being said, this party does offer you a guaranteed view from a seat while served snacks and drinks. Some can’t really stand and wait for an hour, nor sit on the ground, to watch the show, so the dessert party was the best option for them when they last visited. If you don’t have such issues and have never seen World of Color, we highly recommend you get a snag a virtual queue and make your way to the water’s edge for a viewing (provided it is not a cold night and you don’t mind getting a little damp).

It is worth noting that guests who we spoke to who saw the second showing from the dessert party did not have as good a time as we did. By the time they allowed them to go to their seats, it was practically showtime. This made it hard to get refills on beverages. Also, they were somewhat rushed out after the show ended, meaning they had way less time to enjoy their treats than anyone at the first showing. On the bright side, they will be happy to give you to-go boxes at either party to take home whatever you don’t finish.

In review, the World of Color dessert party is a good time and a somewhat hassle-free way to see the Disney California Adventure nighttime spectacular. It is a bit pricey for something that offers just some snacks, a limit of two alcoholic beverages, and not exactly the absolute best view of the show, but the staff is superb and makes it feel more upscale than the offering actually is. If it sounds like it fits your needs, we would go for it (at least for the first showing), but otherwise, that money could be used on a memorable meal at Carthay Circle Restaurant.

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