Disney Employees Back Out of Home Purchases in Central Florida as Move From California is Delayed to 2026

After The Walt Disney Company delayed moving Imagineers and other employees to Lake Nona from 2023 to 2026, many of those employees have now backed out of buying homes in Central Florida.

Fox 35 spoke to some Central Florida realtors about the postponement, including Ken Pozek of Real Broker.

“I was like, this is gonna cause some stir in our clientele,” Pozek said, “’cause so many of the people we work with were with Disney.”

He went on to explain that Real had nine people cancel about $5 million in sales, “well over six figures in commissions.”

“The majority of them we were able to get money back and some of them did walk away from deposits,” Pozek said about the Disney employees. He thinks Disney’s delay is due to the nation’s labor shortage and other factors. “They’re putting people in temporary space and trying to relocate people when the stock is down. You just never know. I think there were so many moving parts and the market’s doing its thing, where it’s a little unknown, so why rush something.”

Ray Lopez of Keller Williams told Fox 35 that the market and politics also play a role in the delay.

“I think the people that were on the fence about coming may not come now because they might have been locked in at a 3% rate in California,” he said. “Unfortunately, with a lot of the things going on between the State of Florida and the governor, a lot of people are trying to figure out if that’s the issue, or if it’s actually Disney just trying to move it back three years.”

Pozek does point out that, if the move still goes forward, the sales will come back. “At the end of the day a lot of those people are still going to move here, so you keep those relationships going.”

Some Imagineers and Cast Members have called for Disney to stop the move, partially due to the political situation in Florida. Others chose to leave the company rather than relocate.

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