New Buzz Lightyear Meet & Greet Moves to Space Mountain, Features Possible Tease of ”Lightyear Mountain” on Instagram shared a video of the Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear’s new meet & greet location in Disneyland: Space Mountain. Guests will be able to find Buzz Lightyear near the entrance to Space Mountain. The location possibly leans into rumors of a Space Mountain retheme that might be happening.

Screenshots from’s videos show the launch platform structure from the ”Lightyear” film, which looks a lot like the iconic top of Space Mountain. The image is placed in the backdrop of the Lightyear meet & greet at Space Mountain.

“Lightyear” released theatrically yesterday, June 17. The film heavily showcases the structure in the background, which is most certainly our familiar Space Mountain, even down to the antennae or pylons on the roof.

With the film’s clear linking between Lightyear and Space Mountain, and the inclusion of the mountain’s silhouette on the backdrop of Buzz Lightyear’s meet & greet — we can start to see a trend of what Disney may have in store for Tomorrowland.

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