New Creature Stall Notebook Crawls into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland

Having trouble telling your rathtars from your dianogas? Thankfully, the Creature Stall has you covered with a new notebook, and offworlders like you can pick it up right now on Batuu!

Creature Stall Notebook — $24.99

The notebook recently landed at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland.

The front and back cover show off color illustrations of the creatures listed within.

Inside, the same illustrations appear in orange and white. The book opens with a bantha traversing the sands of Tatooine.

The next page features the therii. There are also blank lined pages opposite the artwork, with artisanal patterns.

Next up is the super-cute loth cat!

The monkey lizard follows, hanging on to a twisted tree branch.

A mynock flies on the next page.

Yes, even the porgs get their due.

A puffer pig gets its own page, shown in its inflated and deflated forms.

A rathtar splashes around on the following page.

Next up is a tauntaun, native to Hoth.

A worrt sits in the sunshine on the next page.

Next up is a dianoga lurking in the water.

A convor rests on this page, while another flies nearby.

Finally, a gorg crawls on a rock.

Appropriately, the notebook can be found at the Creature Stall, as well as at the corner table that also sells items from the shop. If you’re looking for something to write in the book with, check out the matching colored pencils that recently arrived!

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