New ‘Hercules’ 25th Anniversary, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage 15th Anniversary, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,’ and More Pins at Disneyland Resort

Several new limited edition and limited release “Hercules,” “Thor: Love and Thunder,” and more pins have arrived at Disneyland Resort this week. We found most of these at 20th Century Music Co. in Disneyland or Atwater Ink and Paint in Disney California Adventure.

Limited Edition Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage 15th Anniversary Pin – $19.99

This pin features Nemo and Dory under the sea, with a submarine from the attraction floating above them. It is a limited edition of 2,000.

Unfortunately, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage remains closed for its 15th anniversary this week.

“Hercules” 25th Anniversary Mystery Pins – $19.99

One of these mystery boxes contains two out of ten possible pins.

Each pin features a different scene from the film on a vase.

They all say, “Hercules 25.”

“Hercules” 25th Anniversary Jumbo Pin – $79.99

This jumbo pin features Hades, Pain, and Panic looking down at an image of Hercules astride Pegasus.

It comes in a box with a Grecian pattern around the plastic window.

The limited edition size is 2,000.

Limited Edition “Hercules” 25th Anniversary Pin – $19.99

This pin resembles Hercules’ golden medallion on a red ribbon.

A lightning bolt descents from the clouds on one side.

Hercules’ face is on the back. It is a limited edition size of 4,000.

Limited Release “Hercules” 25th Anniversary Pin – $17.99

Megara and Hercules look lovingly at each other on this pin, with Phil and Pegasus behind them. Herc’s medallion is at the bottom.

Limited Release “Thor: Love and Thunder” Pin – $17.99

This pin features Thor and Mighty Thor, a.k.a. Jane Foster. The “Thor: Love and Thunder” logo is below them.

Limited Edition “Thor: Love and Thunder” Valkyrie Pin – $19.99

This one features Valkyrie riding her winged horse and brandishing a sword. A triangle with Nordic designs on it is behind her. She, the horse, and the triangle are printed in shades of red, yellow, and purple. It has a limited edition size of 4,000.

Limited Release “Thor: Love and Thunder” New Asgard Tours Pin – $17.99

A Norse ship followed by a rainbow is on this pin, which advertises “New Asgard Tours.” The piece at the top corner features the hammer Mjölnir and reads “Tour Guide of the Month.”

Limited Release “Thor: Love and Thunder” Pin Set – $17.99

This set includes two pins.

The top pin features Thor and reads “Worthy.”

The bottom pin features Jane as Thor and reads “Mighty.”

Limited Edition Ariel Princess Tea Party Pin – $19.99

This pin is inspired by Ariel from “The Little Mermaid. The teapot and cup are both patterned with green scales. The spout and cup handle are blue seahorses. The top of the pot is purple with orange sea stars.

The saucer beneath the cup is purple. The label of the teabag reads “Seaweed Infused Tea.” The pot and cup are connected with a small gold chain.

Each of the Princess Tea Party pins has a limited edition size of 4,000.

Limited Edition Jasmine Princess Tea Party Pin – $19.99

The teapot and cup of this pin resemble Jasmine’s teal green outfit. The shape of the pot is similar to that of Genie’s lamp.

Limited Edition Mulan Princess Tea Party Pin – $19.99

The Mulan teapot has a green base, with pink, red, and blue stripes around it like Mulan’s outfit. The cup is light blue, with white flowers sitting on the green saucer around it.

Limited Edition “The Princess and the Frog” Character Gift Boxes Pin – $19.99

This Character Gift Boxes pin features various icons and elements from “The Princess and the Frog” in a purple box. Among the items are a trumpet, lily pad, fairytale book, mirror, and colorful bottles. Ray the firefly appears in the corner. The pin has a limited edition size of 2,250.

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