REVIEW: Chorizo Breakfast Burrito is a Decent Choice from Cappuccino Cart at Disney California Adventure

If you’re looking to start your day off right at Disney California Adventure, the Cappuccino Cart in Pacific Wharf is now offering a Chorizo Breakfast Burrito.

Chorizo Breakfast Burrito – $10

Chorizo, eggs, potatoes, peppers, and cheese, with salsa

This is a fairly straightforward breakfast burrito. It’s nothing exceptional but it’s also not unpleasant.

The chorizo is present but more as a flavor than as a spice mixed in with the rest of the burrito. The cheese holds everything together and makes it thick and goopy. The salsa that it is served with comes in the option of green or red. The advertised Fuego salsa is most assuredly the red one, as it is much spicier than the tomatillo/cilantro flavored green salsa.

With the addition of the salsa, it does become rather spicy so we opted to not blow our taste buds out.

Even without any salsa, it’s still a decent burrito, but nothing we’d write home about. It’s not worth walking across the park to get it, but if you’re in the neighborhood of the Cappuccino Cart and are looking for a quick breakfast, this is definitely an option.

The Impossible Breakfast “Sha-warm-up” from Shawarma Palace is still much better in our eyes.

Our reporter Charly Shelton has a few more thoughts on this in our YouTube video review, which you can watch right here:


Will you stop off here for a breakfast bite? Or are you team Shawarma for life? Let us know in the comments below!

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