REVIEW: Jalapeño-Heavy Supernova Pretzel from Disneyland Brings the Heat for the Summer

We blasted off to Tomorrowland to try Disneyland’s newest alien concoction — the Supernova Pretzel.

Supernova Pretzel – $7.75

Jalapeño-cheese filled pretzel topped with spicy crumble and lime.

If there’s one flavor that stands above the rest in this snack, it would be jalapeño. So unless you are a huge fan of the jalapeño flavor, you might want to skip this snack.

The outside of the pretzel is a bit harder than the average pretzel, but the soft inside certainly made up for it. The gooey cheese created a nice contrast with the crispy outside. The flaming hot Cheeto topping did not add anything (other than a huge mess).

All in all, the snack was spicy, but not as good as we would have expected (or liked). The bottom line is: do not buy this pretzel unless you LOVE jalapeño peppers.

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