REVIEW: Rocket Soda Misses the Mark at Refreshment Corner in Disneyland

A patriotic new Rocket Soda has landed at Refreshment Corner in Disneyland for the summer, and we swung by to give it a try.


Watch our video review below and keep scrolling for photos and information.

Rocket Soda – $5.99

Blue Raspberry Syrup, Sprite®, Whipped Cream, and Cherry Flavor-filled Boba

This is a fine soda treat. It’s a step up from a regular soda but not quite as fun as a milkshake or float. It sits somewhere in the middle.

The blue raspberry flavor and the Sprite don’t really stand out. It just tastes artificial and sweet. But it’s not unpleasant, as so many of the slushes that hit the syrups hard can be.

This is a more subtle, mildly sweet, and enjoyable soda. It’s not something we would travel across the park to get, but if we are in the area and looking to cool down with a cold sweet treat, it’s nice.

The cherry boba balls are unnecessary and in the sea of sweetness, they get completely lost. They only make their presence known with the texture of the skin of the popping boba getting stuck in the straw.

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