REVIEW: Troubadour Tavern Spices Up the Usual Disneyland Menus with ‘Lion King’-Themed Berbere-Spiced Popcorn, Chicken-Coconut Curry Sweet Potato, Pride Rock Punch, and More

We went to Disneyland to try the new array of spiced snacks and sweets at Troubadour Tavern. We were quite impressed with the variety of flavors packed in just a few small treats. Put out the silverware and unroll your napkins; it’s time to dive in.

Join DLNT’s own Charly Shelton for a video review to try all of the new menu items, and keep scrolling for more thoughts and photos.


Berbere-Spiced Popcorn – $6.69

Popcorn tossed with a warming blend of Spices

This isn’t on the large menu but rather offered by a standee along the counter. Served in the traditional Disneyland box, this popcorn is coated in what is labeled as warming spices. Coriander, cumin, cardamom, and paprika were the predominant notes. Traditional Berbere spice often contains garlic, chili peppers, fenugreek, and more.

It all fits together in one spiced but not spicy blend that coats the buttered popcorn and makes it much better. This is probably the best popcorn we’ve had in Disneyland, and we really hope that it stays around for a long time. We could see stopping at Troubadour Tavern every visit to get this.

Salted Plantain Chips – $3.99

The plantain chips were fine, as far as plantain chips go. They were rather run of the mill and neither disappointed nor wowed.

These are not made fresh on site, the packaging is labeled from a different food company, so we can’t fault the kitchen. These were the low point of our dining experience only because they were satisfactory and nothing more.

Chicken-Coconut Curry Sweet Potato – $9.49

Baked Sweet Potato topped with Malawian Chicken-Coconut Curry

This is a beautifully-done baked, white sweet potato that is covered in Malawian chicken-coconut curry and a bit of kale.

The chicken is tender and warm.

The curry is very spiced but not spicy and brings a complex, salty punch to the sweet and creamy potato. They work very well together.

We’d love to see more of these flavors in the park, as this really stands out as a unique offering at Disneyland.

Pride Rock Punch – $5.49

Gold Peak Tea, Pineapple, Mango, Tamarind, and Orange Juice over Ice

This is a blend of tea and fruit juices, where tamarind is the predominant flavor. Another unique offering in Disneyland, this tamarind beverage brings something new to the table in a sea of blue raspberry slushes.

It was sweet (but not overly so), very palatable, and subtly complex. It is a bit overpowered by the tamarind flavor. Overall, we enjoyed it, and it paired very well with everything we had here.

Cardamom Cold Brew – $4.99

Cold Brew Coffee, Brown Sugar, and Cardamom over Ice

We weren’t sure what to expect from this, but we were pleasantly surprised anyway. The flavors are perfectly balanced, with the bitterness of the cold brew still able to make its way between. Both brown sugar and cardamom were present and accounted for in each sip.

Cold brew concoctions at Disneyland are either great or terrible, and this one is definitely great. We thoroughly enjoyed it, and we will be back for it again soon.

Hakuna Matata Sweets – $8.99

Cookie Trio: Coconut Macaroon, Pineapple Orange Thumbprint, and Butter Chocolate Chunk with Cacao Nibs.

Troubadour Tavern’s trio of perfectly light, soft, sweet, and delicious cookies is served on a little gold tray. They can also be found at Red Rose Taverne, in case Troubadour Tavern is closed (as it has been more often than not lately).

The coconut macaroon is decidedly sweet and does not skimp on the coconut flavor. The cookie has the texture of crunchy coconut on the surface that gives way to a soft center.

The thumbprint cookie is equally soft and has a bright pop of tropical citrus flavor that cuts through the creamy shortbread.

And the butter cookie with cacao nibs may be the best one of the bunch (though that is a difficult decision to make). This one appropriately fits the descriptor of “Hakuna Matata” because the underside of this cookie looks like bugs.

The dark richness of the cacao nibs weaves into the sweetness of the butter cookie. This one makes a supremely enjoyable cookie that we wish we had more of.

We thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience at Troubadour Tavern. To have this selection of flavors is a rarity for Disneyland. This menu offers new unique things to repeat visitors and those here for the first time looking for something new and fun. Disney hit it out of the park with this menu, and we couldn’t be happier.

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