Team W.E.B. Jacket and ‘Spidey Brain Power’ Shirt Swing into Disneyland Resort

Guests can now show support for their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man with the Team W.E.B. Jacket and Spidey Brain Power Shirt at Disneyland. Aspiring heroes can find this outfit at Super Store Featuring Avengers Campus.

Team W.E.B. Jacket – $64.99

Team Web Jacket back
Team Web Jacket front
Expert Web Sl1ng//r

Expert web-slingers can wear this jacket proudly with a patch singling them out as the best of the best in the Worldwide Engineering Brigade.

Team Web jacket logo
Spider-Man Embroidery.
Team Web Jacket

This zip-up is embroidered with rocking Spidey symbols and the phrase, “Team W.E.B.”

Additionally, the front has two large pockets and blue & white striped fringes. The back features more information on Team W.E.B. and W.E.B. Tech.

Spidey Brain Power Shirt – $36.99

“Brain Power = Super Power,” reads this colorful Spider-Man shirt.

Upon closer inspection, the Spidey head is full of scientific references, chemical compounds, floating atoms and mathematical symbols. Perhaps Spider-Man’s greatest power isn’t the super-strength or web-slinging but rather his nerdiness.

There is plenty more Marvel Merch to find at Disneyland, including more iconic Spidey-Stuff. And let us know what you think in the comments below!

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