New Avengers Desk Supplies and Mug Available at Disneyland Resort

Decorate your work-from-home space with these new Avengers desk supplies, and drink your morning coffee with a new Avengers mug, all available at Disneyland Resort.

Avengers Office Supplies

We found the Avengers desk supplies in World of Disney at Downtown Disney District. There is a mousepad, pen with holder, and desk organizer — all sold separately.

Avengers Mousepad – $16.99

The mousepad is a red hexagon with a white wrist rest. The Avengers logo is in the center, with “The Avengers Initiative” around the “A.” It also reads “Est. 1963” and has various superhero symbols in red.

Avengers Pen With Holder – $24.99

The pen holder resembles Avengers tower. It’s silver, with red superhero symbols down the curved edge. The “A” in the Avengers logo is also red. The pen is silver with a red tip and the red Avengers logo at the top.

Avengers Desk Organizer – $34.99

The desk organizer is also silver with a red base. It has a stand for holding a phone or notepad. There’s a box with a slot in it. A giant version of the Avengers logo is in the back.

Avengers Mug – $14.99

This stoneware mug was in China Closet at Disneyland.

It’s blue with a red handle and features various Avengers and their symbols.

Some featured heroes include Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Iron Man, Vision, and Spider-Man.

In blue lettering on the inside is “Team up. Save the world. Repeat.”

Will you add any Avengers desk supplies to your home office? Let us know in the comments.

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