Fake Succulent Planters Featuring Grogu and Hamm Available at Disneyland Resort

A new fake succulent souvenir sprouted last month in Disneyland, and now we have two new characters joining the succulent craze. Grogu from “The Mandalorian” is sitting inside of a fake potted succulent, and piggybank Hamm from “Toy Story” is growing faux cacti.

Grogu Fake Succulent — $24.99

Fake Succulent Souvenirs

Grogu sits in a patterned tan pot with rocks. The rocks are glued in place to hold the plastic succulent. We discovered him at Star Wars Trading Post in Downtown Disney District.

Fake Succulent Souvenirs

The pebbles inside are small and tan. Grogu seems to be swimming in them.

The succulent stands a few inches taller than the top of Grogu’s head. The aloe curls just a bit at the ends but mostly stands upright.

Hamm Fake Succulent — $24.99

Fake Succulent Souvenirs

Hamm from “Toy Story” now serves as a planter for these little succulents. We found Hamm and Woody’s boot at Julius Katz & Sons in Disney California Adventure.

His fake plants are a Mexican Rose succulent and a Burro’s Tail.

His body is a glossy ceramic material, so be cautious taking Hamm and the faux succulents around the park and home!

Are there other characters you would like to see with fake succulents? Let us know in the comments.

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