Haunted Mansion Lawn Torn Up as Holiday Overlay Work Continues at Disneyland

We’re less than a week into the transformation of the Haunted Mansion into Haunted Mansion Holiday. But even with the standard Jack Skellington decorations appearing, we caught a surprising development on the lawn in front of the iconic Mansion this trip.

While the refurbishment sign isn’t new, there’s several things here that are. Jack Skellington in his Sandy Claws outfit atop a pumpkin on the left, for instance. The spooky wreaths depicting the Haunted Mansion Holiday name are also installed, along with the garland above the gate.

Atop the house we see pumpkins installed on spikes next to candles, and Jack’s makeshift sleigh parked on the roof.

But perhaps the most shocking development is that the entire lawn seems to have been torn out during the work. Nothing seems to be left of the landscaping in front of the Mansion except dirt, with an excavator clearly parked within the site. But this will certainly be cleaned up and resolved just in time for its reopening on September 2.

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