New Haunted Mansion, Aladdin, Peter Pan, Dumbo, and Many More Ornaments at Disneyland

Celebrate Christmas a little early with us this year, as we take a look at thirty six new ornaments we found today in Disneyland!

“The Lion King” Scar Ornament — $26.99


“Be prepared” to put this ornament on your tree! Scar from the Lion King is featured in front of a purple crescent moon.

Dug from “Up” Ornament — $26.99

Adventure is out there! Grab this ornament with Dug from “Up!” ready for adventure.

“Be Our Guest” Musical Ornament — $26.99

This whimsical ornament features Lumierre, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts from the iconic scene in “Beauty and the Beast”.

For an added bonus, flip the ornament over and play the song “Be Our Guest” with the push of a button!

“Raya and the Last Dragon” Sisu Ornament — $24.99

This light-up ornament showcases Sisu from “Raya and the Last Dragon”.

“Fox and the Hound” Copper and Todd Ornament — $26.99

Inside the glass orb on this ornament you can find Todd and Copper- the best of friends from “The Fox and the Hound”.

“Atlantis” Princess Kida Ornament — $26.99

If you’re a fan of the film “Atlantis” and have been wanting an ornament for your tree- wait no longer!

“101 Dalmations” Roger & Anita Ornament — $26.99

This “101 Dalmations” ornament recreates the classic scene where Roger and Anita meet for the first time. Pongo and Perdita wrap their leashes around the legs of their humans!

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy Sledding Ornament — $29.99

It’s a winter wonderland inside this ornament! Mickey, Goofy, and Donald sled down a snowy hill.

Mickey & Minnie Fireplace Ornament — $26.99

Mickey and Minnie exchange gifts in front of the fireplace together in this ornament.

Peter’s Shadow “Peter Pan” Ornament — $29.99

This ornament features a glass Mickey head wearing Peter’s iconic green cap.

Inside the orb you can see Peter, but don’t miss his shadow on the back side!

Holiday Stitch Ornament — $22.99

Experiment 626 is ready for the holidays!

Catch Stitch in his red spaceship that is decorated with a bow and lights- ready for Christmas!

Sorcerer Mickey “Fantasia” Ornament — $24.99

Fans of Sorcerer Mickey will love this ornament.

This ornament features several images from iconic scenes in “Fantasia”.

“The Lion King” Hakuna Matata Ornament — $24.99

This ornament shows a scene from “The Lion King”, where Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba walk across a log together.

The back of the ornament features Rafiki’s drawing of baby Simba.

Disneyland Key Ornament — $22.99

Ever wanted the key to Disneyland? Well, now you can get one!

This ornament has Sleeping Beauty Castle on one side and the Disneyland Resort logo on the other.

“Snow White” 85th Anniversary Legacy Collection Ornament — $26.99

This 85th anniversary celebration of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” shows the ending scene where Snow White rides off into the sunset with her Prince. The glass dome of the ornament says “and they lived happily ever after”.

Flora and Fauna “Sleeping Beauty” Light-Up Ornament — $26.99

Make it pink! Make it blue!

This light-up ornament is a lot of fun. Watch Flora and Fauna argue over the color of Aurora’s dress- and the dress actually changes colors!

“Beauty and the Beast” 30th Anniversary Legacy Collection Ornament — $26.99

It’s a tale as old as time…

This ornament shows Belle and the Beast dancing together from the iconic ballroom scene in “Beauty and the Beast”.

“Beauty and the Beast” Rose Ornament — $26.99

Journey into the West Wing to get this ornament, if you dare. Some petals have already started falling inside the glass case of this “Beauty and the Beast” themed ornament.

“Almost There”, Tiana Musical Ornament —$26.99

This bright yellow ornament showcases Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog”.

This ornament plays music, and with the push of a button you can hear “Almost There”, the classic song from the film.

“I See The Light” Tangled Musical Ornament — $26.99

This “Tangled” ornament also plays music. With the touch of a button you can hear “I See The Light” from the film. Rapunzel and Flynn Rider take a boat ride to see the lights- don’t miss Pascal!

Donna Duck 85th Anniversary Legacy Collection Ornament — $24.99

This ornament features Donna Duck, Donald’s original love interest who debuted in the short “Don Donald” in 1937.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Ornament — $24.99

This ornament celebrates the 95th anniversary of “Trolley Troubles”, where Oswald the lucky rabbit made his debut in 1927!

Giselle “Enchanted” Ornament — $26.99

This “Enchanted” ornament has the animated version of Giselle inside a glass case. The sequel to “Enchanted”, “Disenchanted” comes out this fall.

“Dumbo” 80th Anniversary Legacy Collection Ornament — $24.99

This ornament celebrates the 80th anniversary of “Dumbo”. Baby Dumbo is holding his “D” flag, with his ears tied in a knot!

Winnie the Pooh 55th Anniversary Legacy Collection Ornament — $24.99

This fun ornament features two scenes with Winnie the Pooh. On the front you can see him enjoying all of the honey inside the honey tree; on the back you can see just how stuck he is. And that he’s in danger of being stung by some honey bees!

“The Jungle Book” 55th Anniversary Legacy Collection Ornament — $24.99

This 55th anniversary ornament celebrates the movie “The Jungle Book”. You see Mowgli and Baloo drifting downstream.

The back of the ornament is the cover of The Jungle Book.

“Pete’s Dragon” Elliott 45th Anniversary Legacy Collection Ornament — $24.99

Elliott, everyone’s favorite green dragon, is the star of the show on this 45th anniversary of Pete’s Dragon ornament.

Cave of Wonders “Aladdin” 30th Anniversary Legacy Collection Ornament — $24.99

Who disturbs my slumber? This Aladdin themed ornament features our favorite street rat standing outside the entrance of the Cave of Wonders with his sidekick Abu on his shoulder.

Remy from “Ratatouille” 15th Anniversary Legacy Collection Ornament — $24.99

This ornament celebrating the 15th anniversary of “Ratatouille” features Remy on a plate serving up some ratatouille.

John Silver and Jim Hawkins “Treasure Planet” 20th Anniversary Legacy Collection Ornament — $24.99

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Treasure Planet” with this ornament that features John Silver and Jim Hawkins.

Baby Hercules and Hades “Hercules” 25th Anniversary Legacy Collection Ornament — $24.99

You can find an iconic scene from the prologue of the Hercules film on this ornament, where Hades is making a visit to first meet baby Hercules. The little “sun spot”.

Hitchhiking Ghosts Haunted Mansion Ornament — $26.99

Pick up this ornament if you want a ghost to follow you home! This ornament features the hitch-hiking ghosts from Haunted Mansion trying to catch a ride.

Master Gracey Haunted Mansion Ornament — $24.99

This glass domed ornament features Master Gracey- the master of the Haunted Mansion. He’s wielding a hatchet- so watch out!

The Hatbox Ghost Light-Up Haunted Mansion Ornament — $24.99

The Hatbox Ghost (soon to be played by Jared Leto in the upcoming Haunted Mansion feature film), is featured in this light-up ornament. He is standing on a base that reads “The Haunted Mansion”.

Doom Buggy Haunted Mansion Light-Up Ornament — $24.99

This light up ornament features the three whimsical hitch-hiking ghosts from Haunted Mansion. They are on board a “doom buggy” in this one.

“The Bride” Haunted Mansion Light-Up Ornament — $24.99

This ornament features “The Bride”, who’s husband(s) continue to mysteriously meet their demise. The ornament lights up as well.

Are you going to grab any of these ornaments for your tree? Let us know in the comments.

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