REVIEW: Cajun Pan Roast Soup From Pacific Wharf Café at Disney California Adventure

Pacific Wharf Café at Disney California Adventure is serving up a new Cajun pan roast soup. Read and watch our full review below.

Cajun Pan Roast Soup – $11.99

Shrimp in a Creole-spiced Tomato Stew with White Rice, served in a Bread Bowl

Cajun pan roast soup

This soup is a one-note song. While initially surprising and complex in flavor, it never really grows or changes through the dish.

Cajun pan roast soup

The shrimp is stewed perfectly and is so tender that it immediately falls apart upon contact. There are no other vegetables or anything else discernible to speak of, save for the spiced tomato soup which provides the heavy flavor throughout the dish.

The spice level of the soup, which is not unpleasantly spicy but more prevalent than we would have expected, presents a ticking clock from bite to bite as the heat grows.

Cajun pan roast soup

It takes a discerning palate to work out the initial flavor of the soup but the hotter it gets, the less can be discerned by taste buds under fire. This leads to the entire dish feeling largely unchanged until the spice inevitably takes over and blocks out any other flavors from coming to the fore.

Overall, while we were initially pleasantly surprised by the spiced stew, we finished the end of the small bread bowl oddly disappointed that we didn’t get to experience more from it.

Watch our video review below.

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