REVIEW: New Edible Straws With Slow Burn Memory Refresher From Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff at Disney California Adventure

Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff at Disney California Adventure is offering new edible straws with their Memory Refreshers. We visited the sweet shop to try out the straws, and decided to review the Slow Burn Memory Refresher, too.

Edible Straws – $1 each

These are sturdy, edible straws that come individually wrapped and are doused in one of three flavors — strawberry, lemon, or lime. They aren’t really sugar straws, but they are crunchy and somewhat powdery. The straws themselves aren’t quite sweet and seem rather flavorless. This allows the flavor powder that the straw is coated in to mix with the slush.

The strawberry straw is very sweet, almost overly so. It throws off the flavor balance of the slush and sends it to another level of sweet that is just unpleasant. And it is so artificial that it’s off-putting. It tastes like a cheap strawberry candy. It doesn’t add anything to the slush and, as far as the sweetness, it does detract from the enjoyment.

The lemon and lime are both very similar in their more mild flavor and citrus notes that just taste a little bit like a cleaning product and don’t really impart that much to the drink. Whereas the strawberry smacks you in the face, these pretty much stay out of your way and you can’t really discern the flavor of these straws without taking a bite directly of the straw.

All in all, they seem gimmicky and even though the purchase price is low, they’re kind of a waste.

Slow Burn Memory Refresher – $6.99

Cherry and lemon-lime mango slush with habanero lime syrup and mango popping pearls

As for the slush on its own, it’s fantastic! It’s just the latest in a hot streak of enjoyable slushes we’ve had at Disneyland. So many others tend to be overly sweet but this one is moderately so, tempered with a tartness and a bright pop of fruit flavor that balances the flavor profile very well.

The slow burn memory refresher is a layered slush of cherry on the bottom and lemon lime on the top, though we opted for mango in lieu of lemon lime as the machine was broken. Intermixed between the layers and on top is a habanero lime syrup and popping pearls.

The cherry was fine, somewhat middle of the road and vaguely red flavored, but the mango really stole the show with its bright tropical notes. Neither of these flavors tasted like real fruit, but at least they didn’t taste so artificial that it was unpalatable. It tastes as you would want a slushie from a candy store to taste.

It’s cool, it’s enjoyably sweet, and that habanero lime syrup provides a delicately spiced kick to mix things up. The syrup is more of a suggestion of habanero, leaving out the worst of the spice. We wouldn’t feel wrong to give this to a small child, as the spice level is very manageable.

The popping pearls definitely get in the way of the straw, and with so much else going on in the drink, they feel a bit unnecessary. But they fit the theme of the memories here at Bing Bong’s so we will take them gladly in interest of the themed drink.

We got the slush in a souvenir Mickey ear cup, which is $10.99 total. For more details, watch our video review below.

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