‘The Skeleton Dance’ Merchandise Collection Debuts for Halloween at the Disneyland Resort

Halloween merchandise has rolled into the Disneyland Resort, and one of the newest collections centers around the Silly Symphony classic, “The Skeleton Dance.” Let’s move our bones and see what’s new!

All of the below merchandise and more can be found in our video tour of the collection right here, or keep scrolling for all the photos and prices.

The Skeleton Dance Crossbody Bag – $29.99

First up is this crossbody bag, which features art that looks like it came right out of the 1929 cartoon.

It comes with a strap for easy carrying.

We found this at the Emporium in Disneyland.

The Skeleton Dance Ice Bucket – $49.99

For those looking for something to hold their “bone-chilling” ice, this ice bucket features a skeleton on a “Rest in Pieces” tombstone, as two black cats scream on opposite headstones.

The Silly Symphony logo appears on the bottom.

The Skeleton Dance Reversible Table Runner – $59.99

This table runner features two patterns: one of the skeletons hopping around, while the reverse is a simple black, accented with the Silly Symphony logo on one end.

It has a pocket attached to fold the runner in.

The Skeleton Dance & Mickey Mouse Short Glasses – $39.99

Even though Mickey Mouse wasn’t in the actual cartoon, he’s represented in this set of short glasses as he appeared in the late 1920’s.

One glass features the same art as the ice bucket, while the opposite side features Mickey being menaced by shadowy ghosts.

The reverse sides feature an owl and a trio of dancing skeletons.

The Skeleton Dance Incense Burner – $44.99

This incense burner comes with three small cones of incense, but it also looks great just as a figure for display.

The moon surrounded by clouds gives a great three-dimensional effect.

The Skeleton Dance Sketchbook Ornament – $22.99

For those thinking ahead to that other holiday season, there’s this Sketchbook ornament which features a skeleton hopping in front of a full mooon.

The Skeleton Dance Lantern – $34.99

This metal lantern lights up, providing a great projection effect of the skeletons in mid-dance.

Above, you can see how the projection looks.

Mickey Mouse Hour Glass – $39.99

It’s almost time to go, but before that, we wanted to show off this hour glass, featuring Mickey in a panic.

Why is he so worried? It might just be the ghosts.

A Mickey Mouse Sound Cartoon logo appears on the reverse side.

We found the above items at World of Disney in the Downtown Disney District. And for more fun with cartoon favorites, check out the collection starring Mickey and friends that debuted today!

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