UPDATE: Disney Quietly Corrects Error After Misidentifying Haunted Mansion Characters on New Merchandise

We recently reported on a Haunted Mansion ornament that was either mistakenly labeled or contradicted the current established canon for the attraction by misidentifying a key character. Now, Disney has relabeled the ornament to reflect that the figure is indeed supposed to be the Ghost Host rather than Master Gracey.

The character depicted in the ornament is the Hanging Man/Hatchet Man, as seen in a portrait in the Haunted Mansion. Disney has previously confirmed that the Hanging Man and the Ghost Host are the same, while vehemently stating that Master Gracey is a separate character.

Given the fan theories that the Ghost Host and Master Gracey are the same (and the fact that they were portrayed as one character in the 2003 movie), some feared that the attraction’s lore was undergoing a disquieting metamorphosis. Hopefully, they can rest in peace now that the listing has been updated.

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