CNBC Reporter Calls Bob Chapek “BOB PAYCHECK” On Live Television

Thursday on CNBC, the host of “Squawk On The Street” made an unfortunate slip of the tongue when mentioning a recent interview with Bob Chapek, accidentally referring to him as Bob Paycheck, before quickly correcting himself.

While a nickname that is on many fans minds, Bob Chapek is likely not a fan of being referred to with that name. Though it may have been a quick slip of the tongue, it’s a slip-up that has made the rounds on social media. While comedic, it was certainly an unexpected introduction that will be remembered.

At the center of many controversies, Chapek has begun a campaign to explain the recent actions taken by The Walt Disney Company. This has included numerous recent interviews, such as this interview with The Hollywood Reporter. It remains to be seen how his public image will change over time, however this misnaming certainly shows his current public perception.

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