Disney Files Patent for Glasses-Free VR Attraction

Disney has filed a patent for a possible AR or VR attraction that would not require guests to wear 3D glasses or other headgear.

The system would utilize a projection screen and beamsplitter, carefully positioned around a physical scenic space to create the virtual object — reminiscent of the Pepper’s Ghost effect used in the Haunted Mansion ballroom scene. Here is a description from the patent’s abstract:

“A controller operates the projector assembly to project left and right eye images toward the projection screen. The left and right eye images are then directed to left and right eye positions so a viewer with eyes positioned at the left and right eye positions receives a virtual object concurrently with light from the physical scenic space.”

In the figure above, the diamond is the virtual image.

What do you think of this possible technology and where would you like to see it deployed? Let us know in the comments.

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