FIRST LOOK: Donald’s Boat and Goofy’s House Returning to Play Areas in Mickey’s Toontown

With the reimagining of Mickey’s Toontown fully underway, we got our first look at the project’s final form at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, CA. We have several new updates on the project as seen in a scale model on display on the showfloor. We’ve seen a couple of new restaurants planned for the land, as well as a new name for returning favorite attraction. Now, let’s take a look at what Goofy and Donald will be offering at their houses.

A large print of the aerial view concept art is hung on the wall of the pavilion.

There are two scale models on display, with one showcasing the Downtown Toontown area and the other, pictured here, depicting the neighborhood area of the land.

Donald’s Boat

Donald’s boat has crashed into Goofy’s duck pond and become a wet and wild play area for kids. The water lilies seen at left, the balancing beams and rocking toys are all surrounded by soft, padded ground to make it safe for kids to run and play. To the bow of the boat, it has sprung a leak and is spraying the kids who frolic in the splash play area of the duck pond.

Formerly, this boat was set in a pool with an accompanying waterfall behind it. The pond has been filled in to make this new play area. The boat itself, which was once open to guests to explore but has been closed for many years, seems to have been permanently closed with a new door affixed to the entryway.

To the right of the boat is the queue entrance for Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Gadget Coaster, a rename of the original Gadget’s Go Coaster.

Between Donald’s Boat and Goofy’s House is yet more spongy-ground play area for kids.

Goofy’s House

Unlike Donald’s Boat, Goofy’s House will once again open to receive visitors.

In concept art on the model’s accompanying descriptive panels, we can see that the inside of the house will be turned into a candy-making machine full of buttons and levers that send sour balls rocketing through a series of tubes all over the house.

Outside in Goofy’s How To Play Yard, kids can run and jump and climb in a play area that’s just for them. With an interactive sound garden and plenty of space to roam, this will be fun for kids looking to burn off some churro-fueled energy.

Further in the backyard, a clubhouse will feature a rope bridge to climb up and a long, meandering path behind where Goofy has left his fishing equipment out.

CenTOONial Park

Just beyond Goofy’s backyard is another play area for kids at CenTOONial Park. This Dreaming Tree is based on Walt Disney’s favorite tree of the same name from his hometown in Marceline, Missouri. But whereas the real Dreaming Tree was a place to relax and let your imagination wander, this play are is all about fun and play. The undulating roots and rolling hills provide kids an opportunity to crawl and explore.

Also in CenTOONial Park is the new musical fountain. This new fountain will offer interactive features, water tables for guests to splash in, and will come to life in special moments throughout the day and with lights at night.

Take a look at some of the other news that has dropped at D23 Expo:

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