New Disney x Ann Shen ‘Aristocats’ Collection Arrives at Disneyland

While some of the items have already debuted at Walt Disney World, we spotted Ann Shen’s new “Aristocats” collection in World of Disney at Downtown Disney District.

“The Aristocats” Poster Calendar by Ann Shen – $26.99

The front of the poster calendar features both the Disney logo and Ann Shen’s logo. Beneath that is Marie from “The Aristocats” front and center. In each corner of the calendar, there are roses.

At the top of the label, Marie is center stage once again, with more roses as well as a ribbon on the left side.

The back of the calendar showcases each of the 11×17 size posters you will receive inside of the calendar. While the entire collection is themed around “The Aristocats,” there are other classic Disney films inside the calendar as well.

While “The Aristocats” is the first image here, there is also a “it’s a small world” themed poster. Alongside that, there is also an “Alice in Wonderland” poster and a “Sleeping Beauty” poster.

Leading into the bottom two rows, you have three more “Aristocats” themed posters. There is also a “Moana” poster, a “Little Mermaid” poster, and a “Mulan” poster. There are also posters featuring item collections, including Disney Parks snacks and Princess dresses.

“The Aristocats” Sketchbook by Ann Shen – $9.99

“The Aristocats” sketchbook has a light blue background with the main characters on the cover. At the bottom of the sketchbook, Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse are seen walking beneath an image of the Eiffel Tower. The image looks as though it is in a frame.

The back of the sketchbook is plain blue.

The pages inside are blank.

“The Aristocats” Watercolor Set by Ann Shen – $14.99

Need a way to fill up your new “The Aristocats” sketchbook? Well, look no further than “The Aristocats” watercolor set! The label features the same cartoon drawing of Marie from the poster calendar.

Behind the label, there is an image of Toulouse about to paint a picture on some canvas. To the right of that, the Disney x Ann Shen logo is visible.

Inside the set, there are twelve different watercolor paints and a brush. There is ample space to mix colors on the lid, acting as a paint palette.

“The Aristocats” Throw Blanket by Ann Shen – $59.99

“The Aristocats” throw blanket by Ann Shen features a light blue background with the main crew of kittens on it.

The image on the blanket features Marie dancing on top of the piano as Berlioz plays. Toulouse is walking across the keys of the piano as well. A treble clef is seen, marking the start of the staff as music notes swirl around the piano.

From the back of the blanket, some of the music staff can be seen.

“The Aristocats” Figural Planter by Ann Shen – $39.99

This Marie figure doubles as a planter! Brighten up your room with this figural planter, which comes with two fake flowers tucked into Marie’s bow.

“The Aristocats” Lantern by Ann Shen – $39.99

Ann Shen’s “The Aristocats” lantern features a gold base with a slight pink tint to the glass.

The top of the lantern features a cut-out of Marie. There is also an image of Marie on the glass itself, in front of the candle.

The back of the lantern is plain glass.

When the candle is lit, it is easier to see the image of Marie on the front.

“The Aristocats” Candle Holder by Ann Shen – $34.99

This “Aristocats” candle holder by Ann Shen is the most subtle of all the items. It is a white, ceramic candle holder.

The bottom of the base is gold with rhinestones.

At the top of the candle holder are two little cat ears.

The top of the candle holder is hollow to fit a small candle.

There is also a ventilation hole at the bottom of the base.

“The Aristocats” Cream and Sugar Set – $39.99

This “Aristocats” cream and sugar set features Toulouse and Berlioz as the stars this time around.

Toulouse is on the left as the sugar canister. Between Toulouse and Berlioz is a stirring spoon, shaped like a paintbrush.

Berlioz is pictured on the right as the creamer dish. The handle is red, making it stand out against the gray of Berlioz’s fur.

The back of the set features information about the artist of the entire collection, Ann Shen.

“The Aristocats” Jar Set – $34.99

On the front of the set, Marie takes the center on the top jar while Roquefort is on the bottom jar.

The back is plain.

On top of the set is a rose with a blue ribbon.

The jars are neither dishwasher nor microwave safe.

“The Aristocats” Macaron Pet Bed by Ann Shen – $59.99

This “Aristocats” themed pet bed by Ann Shen is the perfect place for your furry friend to rest their head. On the front of the bed are the three main kittens, embroidered in a darker blue. Surrounding them are little ribbon details.

The bed is made to look like a macaron! The middle looks like a layer of cream that can be found in the classic French pastry.

The back of the bed is a plain light blue.

“The Aristocats” Pet Dish by Ann Shen – $19.99

The front of this dish features the three main “Aristocats” and in the center is the phrase “Bon Appétit.”

On the opposite side, you have the three main cats again; however, this time, in the center, it says “L’eau,” meaning “water.” You can have either side of the bowl facing out, depending on whether or not you decide to use it for your pet’s meal or their water.

The bottom of the dish is deep enough to serve whichever option you choose.

“The Aristocats” Cheese Pet Toy by Ann Shen – $24.99

The front of this “Aristocats” cat puzzle toy by Ann Shen has Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse seemingly walking across the front. In the center of the puzzle, it reads “Fromage.” The puzzle features six different items to put inside the puzzle for your cat to find, as well as three holes to put the pieces into.

On one side are the cracker and the strawberry.

On another side, there is the fish and the sausage.

On the final side, there are the grapes and the radish.

The back side of the plush cheese is a dark orange color.

Which piece in the collection do you wish to pick up? Let us know in the comments below!

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