NEW Spider-Man 60th Anniversary ‘Beyond Amazing’ Merchandise Collection at Disney California Adventure

Disney California Adventure has released a brand new Spider-Man collection for the web-slinger’s 60th anniversary. Ashley Eckstein designed a few of these items. Ashley is known for lending her voice to a beloved Star Wars character, Ahsoka Tano, and as the designer behind Her Universe.

The Spider-Man 60th anniversary merchandise can be found in the Collector’s Warehouse located at the exit of Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout in Disney California Adventure.

Spider-Man Crop Top – $36.99

The crop top is mostly white with the Spider-Man mask sewn onto the center.

“Beyond Amazing” is embroidered on the collar and the sleeves are different colors.

The “Spider-Man 60th Anniversary” logo is sewn onto the bottom left of the crop top.

Spider-Man Beyond Amazing Backpack – $59.99

The backpack is gray with comic-style accents. There are two red straps on the front, two pockets on the outside of the backpack, “Beyond Amazing” sewn onto the top left, the “Spider-Man 60th Anniversary” logo sewn onto the top right, and a silicone Spider-Man mask sewn onto the bottom right.

The interior of the backpack is all red with three smaller pockets on the inside of the backpack. On the back, it has the similar comic panels that can be seen on the front and two larger straps.

Spider-Man Beyond Amazing Ballcap – $29.99

The ballcap is on some portions and on other portions, it has the same comic panels print that can be seen on the backpack. The button on the top of the ballcap is red, the “Spider-Man 60th Anniversary” logo is sewn on the front right panel of the ballcap, the visor red, and “Beyond Amazing” is sewn on the visor.

The interior of the ballcap is gray and the bottom portion of the visor is red. The back of the ballcap has the gray panel and the comic panels print panel, as well as a red strap to change the size of the hat.

Spider-Man Beyond Amazing Small Bag – $29.99

The small bag is mostly black with a red interior and has two pockets, but the front pocket is red and has a portion of Spider-Man’s mask and has “Beyond Amazing” sewn onto the side of the front pocket. On the top of the small bag, it has the “Spider-Man 60th Anniversary” logo sewn onto it. The bag also includes a strap to carry around the bag.

Spider-Man Beyond Amazing Plush – $26.99

This plush is made to look like Spider-Man and his counterpart, Peter Parker, from the classic comics. Spider-Man’s mask can be put on or taken off to reveal Peter Parker. The “Beyond Amazing” slogan can be seen on the bottom of Spider-Man’s right foot.

Spider-Man Beyond Amazing Pants – $49.99

The pants is red on the left side and black on the right side with a black waistband. A portion of Spider-Man’s mask is on the bottom left side of the pants and the “Beyond Amazing” slogan is on the top right hand side. The back of the pants is all black with a Marvel tag on the right side.

Spider-Man Long Sleeve Shirt – $39.99

The long sleeve shirt has gray portions on the top left, bottom right, and on both of the sleeves. There is only one blue portion of the shirt on the bottom left. The shirt has the comic panels print on the top right portion of the shirt. The shirt also has a red collar with “Beyond Amazing” sewn onto it and red cuffs on the sleeves. The “Spider-Man 60th Anniversary” logo can be seen on the bottom left of the shirt.

Spider-Man “Thwip!” Spirit Jersey – $79.99

The spirit jersey is blue and has the “Marvel Comics” logo on the bottom left and top right of the shirt. As well, two different panels of Spider-Man is on the top right of the shirt. “Beyond” in red is on the left sleeve of the shirt and “Amazing” in white is on the right sleeve.

On the back of the spirit jersey, “Thwip!” can be seen across the back with different panels of Spider-Man from various of his comics. The spirit jersey also contains a hoodie as well.

Spider-Man Beyond Amazing Journal – $19.99

The journal contains various versions of Spider-Man out of his sixty years of existence. On the front of the journal, you can see the different designs of Spider-Man and on the back, you can see the “Spider-Man 60 Amazing Years” logo. Each page of the journal shows designs containing to the 60th anniversary of Spider-Man.

Spider-Man Beyond Amazing Collectible Figure – $125.00

In this statue, Spider-Man is shooting out his web and jumping out of a gargoyle, making it look like he’s one his way to stop mischievous sinister six.

Spider-Man Beyond Amazing Short Sleeve Hoodie – $36.99

The short sleeve hoodie is white with a webbing design all over it. It has Spider-Man’s mask on the bottom right side of the hoodie, a red “Beyond Amazing” slogan sewn on the top left side hoodie, and the “Spider-Man 60th Anniversary” logo on the bottom left. The hoodie also contains red drawstrings, a black hood, comic panels print on the interior of the hood, and zippers on both sides of the hoodie.

Spider-Man Beyond Amazing Sweatpants – $44.99

The sweatpants is black and have the same webbing design as seen on the short sleeve hoodie but it’s on the right side of the sweatpants. A red Spider-Man mask can be seen on the top right side of the pants, the “Spider-Man 60th Anniversary” logo on the top left side of the sweatpants, and the “Beyond Amazing” slogan on the bottom left side of the sweatpants. The sweatpants also contain red drawstrings and a back pocket with the comic panels print on the back pocket.

Spider-Man Beyond Amazing Mug – $19.99

This mug can be found at the Super Store featuring Avengers Campus in Disney’s California Adventure. The mug is gray and has a red interior with the “Spider-Man 60 Amazing Years” logo on the front of the mug and on the back of the mug, it has Spider-Man himself and the “Beyond Amazing” slogan below Spider-Man. The handle is made to look like a spider-web and the rest of the mug has a spider-web design across the mug with a various of Spider-Man comics displayed across the mug as well.

Would you be swinging your way over to Disney California Adventure to pick up any of the Spider-Man 60th anniversary merchandise? Let us know in the comments below!

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