REVIEW: Sour Candy Churro for Halloween Time 2022 at Disney California Adventure

A new Sour Candy Churro is available at the Hollywood Land Churro Cart in Disney California Adventure for Halloween Time 2022.

Sour Candy Churro – $6.75

What a weird churro. This is very sour. It’s heavily coated in both sugar and citric acid, much like a Sour Patch Kid candy.

Having a churro with a predominantly sour flavor is a unique experience that we’ve never had before, nor did we think we would ever have in this way. Then the sweet watermelon icing drizzled across the top balances out the sour to create the most interesting and unique churro experience we’ve ever had.

Passing it among several friends, we collectively came to the consensus that we both hate it and love it at the same time. Even at that, it’s the one thing we wanted to get a second round of. This is a churro that must be tasted to be believed, and is definitely worth a trip.

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