REVIEW: Spicy Firefly Chips Disappoint for Halloween Time at Disneyland

We’ve made it our mission to try all the new snacks showing up around Disneyland for Halloween Time, and now we move to these Spicy Firefly Chips from Refreshment Corner in Disneyland Park!

Spicy Firefly Chips — $5.79

spicy firefly chips

These spice firefly chips are $5.79 and consist of spicy corn chips topped with chili, cheese, and jalapeños.

These things were not great. The flaming Hot Fritos that serve as the base of this dish were unnecessary. Normal Fritos would be fine. The jalapeños will still bring the spicy character to these Firefly chips, so having the flaming hot artificial chili flavor lent an unpleasant character to the overall dish.

That being said, the hearty chili and ample shredded cheese that these are topped with do mask the flaming hot flavor a bit and make it at least palatable, if not spectacular. Overall, this could have been really good if not for the flaming hot variety and so for the future, we will skip this dish.

Would you give these a try on your next visit to Disneyland? Let us know in the comments below.

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