REVIEW: This Halloween Cake is a Sweet Spooky Treat at Disneyland

As new Halloween-themed treats start appearing in Disney Parks, we are making the rounds to taste them and give you our review. So let’s try this all-new Halloween Cake from French Market Restaurant in Disneyland Park!

Halloween Cake — $6.99

halloween cake

This is a purple-colored vanilla sponge cake, with raspberry mousse, fresh raspberries and candied cocoa nibs.

This cake was good, albeit moist to the point of dripping. The vanilla sponge cake itself is saturated in some kind of sugar syrup and the frosting melted quickly, becoming velvety and soft.

Usually the frosting on these kind of cakes is a hard buttercream but this one is a smoother, more enjoyable frosting glaze that melts all over the cake. It’s a delicious combination with a bright pop of fresh raspberries inside the raspberry mousse that surprised us and brought some well needed acidity to cut through the thick sugary frosting and cake.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed this cake. Does this sound like something you’d like to try on your next visit to Disneyland Park? Let us know in the comments.

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