Batuu Bounty Hunters MagicBand+ Game Launches in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland

The new Batuu Bounty Hunters game launched with MagicBand+ at Disneyland Resort today. Guests can play Batuu Bounty Hunters in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland park.

Before playing, you may need to charge and update your MagicBand+. You’ll also need the Play Disney Parks app.

How to Play

The Guildmaster’s Hideout with the check-in station for Batuu Bounty Hunters is at Black Spire Station in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

There are instructions for Batuu Bounty Hunters in the Play Disney Parks app once you select the game. It includes a map to the check-in station to begin the game.

Take a Bounty Hunter Assignment

To play, you will accept a bounty job at the board by tapping your MagicBand+.

The tap point is tagged with the symbol of the Batuu Bounty Hunters Guild.

The same instructions from the app are on the board. There is a sign with a QR code to download the Play Disney Parks app if you don’t already have it.

(It was a very sunny day in Anaheim)

The board gives you an assignment, and then you are free to roam the land to find the bounty. Each bounty will have a reward listed in the form of digital Credits that will be added to your Datapad on the Play Disney Parks app. These Credits have no real-world value.

Locate Your Bounty

As you then walk around Batuu, lights and vibrations will let you know how close or far you are from your target.

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The bounty shows up in the Play Disney Parks app as well. The app also lists what each light color means on your MagicBand+.

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There are also vibration patterns corresponding to each pattern, so colorblind guests can still play the game: green with steady short vibration means you’re on the right path, red with intense long vibration means you’re going the wrong way, and purple with rapid change in vibration means you’ve arrived.

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Though the app doesn’t list the vibration patterns, these are in the instructions on the assignment board. Guests with other visual impairments may need help playing Batuu Bounty Hunters if they cannot see the image of the bounty or the thermal scanner.

Here is the MagicBand+ with a green light.

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The lights on your MagicBand+ will turn purple, and it will make rapid vibrations once you’ve found your target, hiding behind a door, panel, etc.

Each location will be tagged with the guild symbol.

Once you follow the lights and vibrations to the proper place, you’ll hear some electronic noises and the thermal viewer will activate. The thermal scanner gives you more precise instructions when you are using it.

Once you scan the target, the bounty will then show up as “found” in your app. Tap to send their location to the guild.

Returning to the Guildmaster/Collecting Your Credits

After that, you can head back to the Guildmaster’s Hideout.

Instead of returning to the assignment station, you will go to this station next to a door.

Here, you put your hand in a slot to scan your MagicBand+.

The Guildmaster, Raga Bua, then appears in a window to speak to you.

Her dialogue varies depending on how many bounties you have collected.

Information about your number of bounties and credits pops up on a screen above the scanner.

There are a total of twenty bounties to collect, so you can keep playing all day or come back during another trip.


Overall, the game is much more fun than the previous Play Disney Parks app “Datapad” games for Galaxy’s Edge, including those assigned on the Galactic Starcruiser. We think younger guests and serious Star Wars fans will love it, but highly recommend bringing charging cables and charging devices ready to keep your MagicBand+ and phone alive. If this sounds like a big hassle, the MagicBand+ probably isn’t for you.

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