Limited Release Pins including “The Jungle Book” 55th, “Star Wars” Tatooine, “Avatar,” “Tron,” Disney Anniversary Animators Box, and More Arrive at Disneyland

On a recent visit to the Disneyland Resort, we found a flood of new, limited-release pins throughout the Disneyland Resort including ones from “The Jungle Book” 55th Anniversary, “Star Wars” Tatooine collection, “Avatar,” “Tron,” Art Board Series, Mirrorverse, and more!

Walt Disney’s “The Jungle Book” 55th Anniversary Limited Edition Pin – King Louie & Baloo – Price: $19.99

The Jungle Book LE pin front 1

King Louie and Baloo are having a swinging time on this limited-release pin (4,250 total). Made of metal and enameled cloisonné, King Louie is dancing with Baloo sporting his banana skirt. In the background are brightly colored palm trees in shades of green behind a village.

Walt Disney’s “The Jungle Book” 55th Anniversary Limited Edition Pin – Mowgli & Kaa – Price: $17.99

The Jungle Book 55 anniv LE pin Mogili

Mowgli and Kaa are the subject of this limited-release pin – also a total of 4,250. The metal pin depicts Mowgli sitting on the tail of Kaa as Kaa tries to tempt Mowgli. The pin comes on a cardboard display showing a scene from the movie.

Briar Rose Hinged Pin – “Sleeping Beauty” – Disney Designer Collection – Limited Release – $34.99

Ultimate Princess Collection LE pin Briar Rose outside

“When given the chance to create a dress for Aurora (as Briar Rose), [artist] Richard Chan wanted to interpret the look as if she designed the gown with her taste and worldview,” reads the notes for this pin. “For Briar Rose, a forest maiden, Richard imagined that nature would inspire her design. The dress color takes cues from the subtle tones of flowers on this handsome hinged pin.”

Disney Ultimate Princess colleciton briar rose pin open

This hinged pin design with a partially clear glass door and hard enamel infill open to show Princess Aurora in a layered gown in shades of white and purple. Her flowing golden hair is adorned with butterflies in complementing shades. She is highlighted by a marbleized soft enamel infill.

The Briar Rose Hinged Pin, which is 3” H x 1 1/2” W, is made from metal, enamel, and glass. In addition to 20th Century Music Company, this pin is also available on

Cheshire Cat Pin – Floating Down Main Street U.S.A. – Limited Edition – $19.99

Floating Down Main Street Cheshire Cat pin LE

Part of the Floating Down Main Street, U.S.A. collection, this pin features the Cheshire Cat grinning as he sits atop a 3-D hot air balloon. In his signature pink and purple stripes, the Cheshire Cat pin is made from enameled cloisonné and nickel finish. The pin, which is a limited edition of 4,000, is 2” H x 1 1/2” W and comes on a custom card.

“Star Wars” Tatooine – Limited Edition – Mystery Pin Set – $19.99

Star Wars Tatooine set mystery pin set and chaser full box

“Star Wars” fans – this may be the pin set you’ve been looking for. This “Star Wars” Tatooine pin set is a collection of 12 mystery pins. Each box shows the beige-colored, desolate topography of the fictional desert planet. “Tatooine” is written in bold letters of varying shades of orange with its twin suns, Tatoo I and Tatoo II in the background.

Star Wars Tatooine set mystery pin set and chaser side with pin designs

The side of the box shows the design of each of the mystery pins. One of the twelve will be inside each box.

Star Wars Tatooine set mystery pin set and chaser choices closer up
Star Wars Tatooine set mystery pin set and chaser choices closer 2

“Star Wars” Tatooine Canvas Map Pin Board with Chaser – $49.99

Star Wars Tatooine set mystery pin set and chaser board 1

If you want a beautiful display to collect and show off all the “Star Wars” Tatooine Limited Edition pins then this canvas map board is the way to go.

Star Wars Tatooine set mystery pin set and chaser board 2

The Tatooine canvas map board has specific spots for each of the 12 mystery pins.

Star Wars Tatooine set mystery pin set and chaser board close up 3

There is a 13th pin – the chaser pin – of Luke Skywalker. This one is not a mystery pin. The only way to obtain this pin is to buy the canvas map board.

Star Wars Tatooine set mystery pin set and chaser board back price

Pixar A113 Character – Limited Edition – Mystery Pin (Set of 2) – $24.99

Pixar Pins Mystery LE Pin set box

This new series of Pixar pins features characters from various Pixar movies within the shape of one of the more popular Easter Eggs – A113.

Pixar Pins Mystery LE Pin set side 1

Each box, which is priced at $24.99, contains two randomly selected pins.

Pixar Pins Mystery LE Pin set character choices 1

Among the available designs include Woody from “Toy Story,” Sulley from “Monsters, Inc.,” and Trev Diesel from “Cars.” There are eight pins in total to collect: seven known pins and one mystery chaser pin.

Pixar Pins Mystery LE Pin set characters close up 1
Pixar Pins Mystery LE Pin set charcter close up 2

Seasons Greetings Mickey & Minnie Mouse – Limited Edition Pin with Ornament – $44.99

Seasons Greeting pin and ornament WDW

This Mickey & Minnie Mouse pin and ornament set comes in a limited edition of 3,000. Although we found this at Disneyland, the ornament says “Happy Holidays” and “Walt Disney World” underneath.

The pin features Mickey & Minnie caroling in festive holiday dress. The ornament is a metal and enameled cloisonné muted green teardrop shape with Goofy, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, and Pluto carrying a “Happy Holidays” sign. In the background are various Christmas trees and the castle in the center.

Spiderman Limited Edition Pin – Her Universe Collection – $19.99

Spiderman pin LE Her Universe

This rectangular-shaped metal and enameled cloisonné pin was first seen at this year’s 2022 D23 Expo in Anaheim, California.

Spiderman LE pin Her Universe

This pin is a limited edition of 1,000 and is part of the Her Universe collection. It features an upside Spiderman set against a dark blue background. Behind Spidey is a grey web with a black spider coming down from his right side. Next to it is “AMAZE” in block letters.

Avatar Limited Edition Super Jumbo Pin with Collectable Box – $150.00

Avatar pin LE

This gorgeous monster of a pin celebrates the world of Avatar. Also introduced at this year’s D23 Expo, this pin measures six inches in diameter and comes in a collectors box.

The metal and enameled cloisonné pin show the worlds found on land and in the sea. Exotic sea creatures and ocean vegetation are depicted in browns, greens, purple, pinks, blues, and yellows.

Pools of blue water dot the lush green landscape with the famous Hallelujah Mountains rising against a moonlit sky. Various creatures are represented in the letters from the world of “Avatar.”

Avatar LE pin backside super jumbo

The back of the Avatar Limited Edition Super Jumbo Pin is covered in alternating copper-colored metal with Mickey head silhouettes. There is also an “Authentic Disney Parks” and “D23 Expo” stamp on the back. Below that is a “Limited Edition 200” label.

Avatar LE Pin price back

Tron 40th Anniversary Helmet Pin Set – Limited Edition- $24.99

Tron LE pin set D23 Expo helmuts

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of “Tron,” two limited edition pin sets were released at this year’s D23 Expo. The first set is a pair of Tron helmets – limited to 1,000 sets. The pins are made from metal with one trimmed in red accents and the other in light blue.

Tron LE pin set D23 Expo pin backing

The back of the metal pin has a “Disney Tron” and Disney Pin Trading” back stamp.

Tron 40th Anniversary Bit and Lightcycle Pin Set – Limited Edition- $24.99

Tron LE pin set D23 Expo front

The second set of 40th Anniversary Tron pins, also limited to 1,000, features a Bit and a Tron Lightcycle.

The metal Bit pin is a bluish-white polyhedral shape. It is typically associated with a program. According to Tron WIKI, “bits can understand complex language, but are binary in nature and can only say ‘Yes’ and ‘No.’”

The Lightcycle pin features a sliding lightcycle against a large “40” with “Disney Tron” underneath.

Tron LE pin set D23 Expo pin backing

National Geographic Pin – Limited Edition- $49.99

NatGeo pin D23 front

This elegant National Geographic pin, limited to 300, was recently seen at the 2022 D23 Expo. The pin, which has a topography mapping look, is metal with gold tone enameled cloisonné. In the center is “National Geographic” and the iconic yellow border that is found on the magazine.

NatGeo pin back d23

The back of the large pin also features the topography pattern, but in a silver tone. Embossed on the pin is “D23 Expo 2022,” along with “Disney Pin Trading” back stamp and a “Limited Edition 300” plaque.

“Wreck It Ralph” 10th Anniversary Pin – Limited Edition – Disney Anniversary Animators Box – $65.00

D23 Expo 2022 Disney Wreck It Ralph 10th Anniversary Pin LE 300 Animator Box pin

This “Wreck It Ralph” pin is one of 18 specially made pins honoring Disney Animation. The pin celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the release of “Wreck It Ralph.”

Introduced at the 2022 D23 Expo, the Disney “Wreck It Ralph” 10th Anniversary Pin, limited to 300, is part of the Disney Anniversary Animators Box series. Made from metal and enameled cloisonné, the pin features Ralph giving Vanellope a hand with her race car.

On the back of the box, it says, “Each pin honors a Disney film or short and includes a newly created sketch of a familiar scene to accompany it.” This one features a new black-and-white line drawing of Sugar Rush.

D23 Expo 2022 Disney Wreck It Ralph 10th Anniversary Pin LE 300 Animator Box pin
Art board series back of pin

As with many of the previously limited edition pins, the back is made from polished metal with alternating Mickey heads, a “Disney Pin Trading” back stamp, and a “Limited Edition 300” plaque.

“Enchanted” 15th Anniversary Pin – Limited Edition – Disney Anniversary Animators Box – $65.00

Art board series enchanted pin

This beautiful, limited edition (300) “Enchanted” 15th Anniversary Pin from the Disney Anniversary Animators Box pin features Giselle and the “man”nequin of her dreams. Giselle is dressed in a pink dress with a purple bow belt and white-capped sleeves. She looks adoringly at her “true love,” who is made from books, kitchen utensils, and other household items.

Art board series pin enchanted

The complete 2022 Disney Anniversary Animators Box pin series includes:

  • “Oswald” – 1927
  • “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” – 1937
  • “Daisy In Don Donald” – 1937
  • “Goofy” – 1932
  • “Bambi” – 1942
  • “The Jungle Book” – 1967
  • “The Rescuers” – 1977
  • “Pete’s Dragon” – 1977
  • “Ducktails” – 1987
  • “Aladdin” – 1992
  • “Hercules” – 1997
  • “Lilo and Stitch” – 2002
  • “Treasure Planet” – 2002
  • “Enchanted” – 2007
  • “Ratatouille” – 2007
  • “Brave” – 2012
  • “Wreck It Ralph” – 2012
Art board series rapunzel back pin

Assorted Disney Character Mirrorverse Pins – Limited Edition – $49.99

Introduced at the 2022 D23 Expo, these limited editions (500 per character) Disney Mirrorverse pins will be a must-have for any pin collector or fan of these Disney characters.

The pins are based on the mobile role-playing game which debuted earlier this year. The game is set in a fictional universe adjacent to other Disney canon, featuring dozens of familiar characters from Disney, Pixar, and other franchises re-envisioned in a new storyline.

Each pin includes one large pin and six smaller pins, some are removable and are able to be worn on their own.

Mickey Mouse Mirrorverse Pin

Mickey Mouse Mirrorverse pin LE

Minnie Mouse Mirrorverse Pin

Minnie Mouse Mirrorverse pin LE

Maleficent Mirrorverse Pin

Maleficent Mirrorverse LE Pin

Ariel Mirrorverse Pin

Ariel Mirrorverse pin

Jafar Mirrorverse Pin

Jafar Mirrorverse pin

Baymax Mirrorverse Pin

Baymax mirroverse pin

Sulley Mirrorverse Pin

Sulley mirrorverse pin

Jack Skellington Mirrorverse Pin

Jack Skellington mirrorverse pin
Mickey Mouse Mirrorverse pin LE price

As you can see on the back of the pin card, the two center Mickey pin backings are for the main pin and the three on the right side are for the removable pins.

Unless otherwise noted, we found all the above pins at the 20th Century Music Company on Main Street U.S.A. in Disneyland Park.

Check out some of the other Limited Edition pins that were unveiled at the 2022 D23 Expo:

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Are you heading to Disneyland to get one or more of these amazing pins? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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