NEW Marvel Logo Apparel Collection and Spider-Man Merch Available at Disneyland Resort

A new collection of Marvel logo apparel has arrived at Disneyland Resort. We found most of this red, black, and gray collection at World of Disney in Downtown Disney District.

Marvel Cardigan – $69.99

The cardigan is gray with red edges.

Patches inside the apparel read “Est Oct 1939.

The cardigan has red elbow patches.

One pocket is gray with a red edge, while the other is fully red.

Marvel Logo Leather Jacket – $399.99

The black leather jacket has red stitching.

The interior lining is red, and the Marvel logo is on the flap that buttons over the zipper.

There are also pockets inside.

A Marvel logo strap keychain is attached.

Marvel Logo Tank – $44.99

This tank is white on the front and gray on the back.

It has a red neck and sleeve edges.

The stitching is red and the Marvel logo is in the bottom corner.

Marvel Logo Bucket Hat – $34.99

The bucket hat has blocks of black and gray separated by a red stripe. “Marvel” is embroidered in white on the red.

The top and edge of the brim are also red.

Marvel Logo Beanie – $21.99

The beanie is striped red, white, and black.

“Marvel” is patterned in dark red and white along the red stripe.

Marvel Logo Ball Cap – $29.99

The ball cap is red with a black edge. The Marvel logo is vertical on the front.

Marvel Logo Tee – $36.99

This tee has a red stripe across the center with “Marvel” in white. The yoke is black and the bottom is heather gray.

The sleeves are red, patterned with a black version of the Marvel lettering.

Marvel Pullover Hoodie – $44.99

This hoodie is red and black, split across the front with a diagonal line. The Marvel logo is across the center and it has a black pocket.

Marvel Logo Youth Shirt – $29.99

The youth tee is heather gray with red stripes on the sleeves. The Marvel logo is in red and white on the chest.

Marvel Logo Sweatpants – $49.99

These sweatpants are also heather gray, with red, white, and black blocks in a stripe down the legs. The drawstring is red, and “Marvel” is in white on the left leg.

Amazing Spider-Man Tee – $36.99

In addition to the general Marvel logo apparel, we also found this new Spider-Man shirt.

It’s half red, half black, with two split Spider-Man logos on the center.

Spider-Man Art Kit – $29.99

This art kit is inspired by Spider-Man. The supplies come in a blue box feature the webslinger.

The set includes a paint palette, 18 washable markers, 8 paint tubes, 16 crayons, 16 color pencils, 24 water color paints, 18 oil pastels, 2 pencils, 2 paint brushes, stencil, sketch pad, eraser, pencil sharpener, ruler, scissors, and tape.

Marvel Backpack – $59.99

Finally, we found this backpack at Star Trader in Disneyland Park.

It’s black, with the Marvel logo in white down the center. There are two small zip pockets and one large zip pocket.

There are two buckles on the front.

A small pouch on the side also features the Marvel logo.

The zipper pulls have red accents.

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