NEW Pizza Planet Merchandise Collection at Disneyland Resort

Whether you love “Toy Story” or just pizza, this new Pizza Planet merchandise collection from Disneyland Resort is perfect for you.

We found this merch in World of Disney at Downtown Disney District.

Pizza Planet Cup – $19.99

This cup is white with a yellow cap and orange straw.

It features a slice of pizza on one side, with smiling aliens as toppings.

The image resembles a Pizza Planet advertisement, with “Delivery Available” at the bottom.

The other side reads “Extra large, extra cheese, extra-terrestrial.”

Pizza Planet Plate Set

There are four plates in this set, wrapped in an orange ribbon.

Two of the plates are black. One features a pizza being lifted by “The Claw” and reads “The chosen one is pizza.” The other black plate reads “There’s always space for pizza” over an image of Pizza Planet.

A white plate is patterned with alien faces and pepperonis. A red plate reads “My world revolves around pizza.”

Pizza Planet Serving Set – $29.99

This set includes a 14″ serving plate and a serving utensil. The plate is white and reads “Extra large, extra cheese, extra-terrestrial.” An alien is peeking out from under a pizza slice.

The included utensil has an orange handle and the faces of aliens printed on the metal section.

Pizza Planet Tote Bag – $29.99

The tote has the Pizza Planet advertisement design on one side.

The other side reads “Extra large, extra cheese, extra-terrestrial.”

Pizza Planet Tank – $49.99

This tank is black with some white splatters like stars. The face of a little green alien is at the center, between the words “The chosen one.” The Pizza Planet logo is at the bottom.

Pizza Planet Scrunchies – $16.99

There are three scrunchies in this set. One is white with a pattern of aliens and pepperonis.

One is green with an alien face.

The third has a simple green and black check design.

Pizza Planet Ringer Tee – $49.99

This tee is red with white at the edges.

It features a pizza on the front, with a Pizza Planet spaceship shooting across it. “My world revolves around pizza” is around the pie.

Pizza Planet Tee – $49.99

This shirt is white with the Pizza Planet advertisement on the front.

The back has the “extra, extra, extra” phrase.

Pizza Planet Reversible Bucket Hat – $29.99

This bucket hat is reversible, with a different design on each side.

One side is solid red, with the Pizza Planet logo stamped on it.

The other side is white with an all-over pattern of red pepperoni slices and little alien faces.

Pizza Planet Ringer Tee – $49.99

This ringer tee is heather grey with red edges. It reads “The chosen one is pizza” around an image of the claw lifting a slice of pizza out of a crowd of aliens.

Pizza Planet Sweatpants – $69.99

The sweatpants match the tank further above. They’re black with white splatters, and the red Pizza Planet logo on the left leg.

“Oooohh!” is printed on the back of the right leg.

Pizza Planet Tank – $49.99

This tank is red with the Pizza Planet logo in white on the front.

“Take us to your pizza” is on the back, with three aliens.

Pizza Planet Tee – $49.99

This tee is light grey with white splotches.

A red heart surrounds the image of an alien with a slice of pizza.

“Pizza is love” is on the back in black and red lettering.

Pizza Planet Crossbody Purse – $34.99

This circle purse resembles a pizza pie. It’s mostly yellow, with a white section on one side. This section is patterned with pepperoni and aliens.

The piping and adjustable strap are orange.

The zipper pull is a Pizza Planet spaceship.

The other side is blank.

The same toppings pattern is on the interior lining.

Pizza Planet Shorts – $44.99

These shorts are red with white edges. “Ooohh! Pizza!” is along the left hip.

The Pizza Planet logo is on the back.

Pizza Planet Jacket – $89.99

This black bomber jacket will go perfectly with any of the above shirts. It has a Pizza Planet patch on the front left breast.

A large red and white version of the Pizza Planet logo is on the back.

The edges of the jacket have black, red, and white stripes.

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