NEW The Nightmare Before Christmas Pins and Magic Key Haunted Mansion Pin at Disneyland Resort for Halloween 2022

New limited edition “The Nightmare Before Christmas” pins and a limited release Magic Key exclusive Haunted Mansion pin are available at Disneyland Resort this Halloween season. We found all of these in Pin Traders at Downtown Disney District. The limited edition pins all have an edition size of 5,000.

Limited Edition Sandy Claws Pin – $19.99

This pin features Jack dressed as “Sandy Claws” in front of a red background with a yellow sun. Bats fly around him and monsters, including Oogie Boogie, are below.

Limited Edition Halloween Door Pin – $19.99

This series of pins features the holiday doors Jack sees in the woods. First up is the Halloween door, shaped like a jack-o’-lantern. Jack himself is dressed as the Pumpkin King to the side of the door.

The door opens, revealing Sally cooking up a poisonous potion.

Limited Edition Christmas Door Pin – $19.99

Jack is dressed as Sandy Claws next to the tree-shaped Christmas door.

Santa Claus is checking his list inside the door.

Limited Edition Easter Door Pin – $19.99

Jack is dressed in his normal pinstriped suit on this pin, which features the painted egg Easter door.

Inside, Lock, Shock, and Barrell have the Easter Bunny in a bag.

Limited Release “Together Forever” Pin – $17.99

Jack and Sally are admiring each other on this pin, which reads “Together Forever.”

Limited Release Magic Key Exclusive Haunted Mansion Pin – $17.99

This Haunted Mansion pin features the Hatbox ghost with the mansion, with a moon and bats in the background. A similar pin was released on shopDisney also featuring the ghost’s head in his hatbox.

This exclusive pin also has a Magic Key engraved on the back.

What Halloween 2022 pins are you collecting? Let us know in the comments.

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