PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Resort 10/18/22 (Halloween Becomes Christmas, Snow on the Castle, MagicBand Prep, and More)

Hey there, hi there, ho there! We headed down to the Disneyland Resort to check in on what is new around the resort and we want you to come along. So join us for this most recent photo report from both parks.

Downtown Disney

We started off in Downtown Disney to get this week’s new pin releases, including this Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride pin, above, a National Geographic pin, below and more.

At the construction area in the end of Downtown Disney, there is a new photo op for “Under Wraps 2” on Disney+. And directly across the walkway from this, at the entrance to Star Wars Trading Post, we found…

the Star Wars holiday collection.

With many of these branded holiday collections comes these cute little standees. We saw them with each collection throughout the shops of the resort. The front side features Darth Vader, above, and the back side features Grogu.

The holiday collection this year is dominated by Ewoks, who are found on most new pieces this year.

Our favorite item has to be the Blue Milk and Cookies set. It’s cute, it’s themed, AND it’s practical? That’s a big win-win-win.

We found some more additions to the Guided by the Light collection designed by Ashley Eckstein, including these ears, a kyber crystal water bottle, and more.

We also found a pair of The Mandalorian-themed lounge sets. There are two sets, each with a shirt and lounge pants.

The second of the sets only features Grogu on the shirt, but Mando can still be found on the pants.

We also found a cute little square-bottomed water bottle for kids.

We found several more of these bottles over at World of Disney with designs from Toy Story 4, Frozen II, and more. Note the clip ring on top for easy carrying.

And joining the Zootopia collection we recently found is a series of plush similar in style to the art featured on the apparel. We found Nick, Judy, Flash, and Priscilla plushes, as well as some more apparel.

This little light-up Groot plush is just adorable and will make a perfect present.

And the first of the Marvel holiday merch comes with the holiday standee. This features Hulk, Captain America, Black Panther, and Spider-Man on the front.

And on the back, we find Rocket and Groot, Kid Arachnid, Thor, and Captain Marvel.

Still not enough Marvel for you? Then get set for this new cardigan, above, and this $400 leather jacket, below. It’s nice, and all, but is it $400 nice?

At the Disney Dress Shop, we found a more modestly-priced jacket featuring Mickey Mouse comic panels all over.

And in the Home Store, we found yet more holiday merchandise, including this JOY mug, above, a potted Christmas tree, below, and more.


There’s even more holiday merchandise inside the parks. This Happy Holidays throw pillow brings the whole gang together.

And we found the Pixar holiday collection, including this Spirit Jersey, above, these nutcracker key chains, below, and more.

And with this collection comes another standee. This Pixar one is less exciting than the rest, as it only has one design printed on both sides with different background colors.

We also found some nice holiday ornaments, like this snowglobe ornament which sees the Avengers fighting ThanSNOWs. Get it? ThanSNOWs?

And down the way at Plaza Point, we found a classic holiday bell, above, and an imitation cut-crystal Mickey head.

There is also a returning item from last year — this throw blanket from the Walt’s Holiday Lodge collection.

In Disney Clothiers, we found the much sought-after and oft-sold-out pink Starbucks tumbler. It features Mickey on one side, the Starbucks mermaid on the other, and dots all around.

And for Jungle Book fans, this new Dooney and Bourke collection is right up your alley.

And here it is. The ultimate expression of the holidays at Disneyland — snow has come to Sleeping Beauty Castle. What is affectionately referred to as the “selective snow storm” has begun its nightly ritual of dousing one turret roof after another in snow over the next week or two until the whole castle is prepped for the closest thing LA gets to a White Christmas. But with Halloween nearly two weeks away, it is that odd between-time where the pumpkins and Fall foliage accompany the holiday decorations for a while.

But hey, we’re used to Halloween and Christmas co-mingling here at Disneyland already, so it just feels like Jack Skellington has decked the halls all over the park.

If only these warm Summer days would go away. It was in the low 90°s today and has been very warm all week. Can’t wait for that snow to feel less out-of-place when it cools down.

In Adventureland, we saw workers crawling all over the Treehouse assessing the project.

Here we can see a Disneyland Fire Department Cast Member checking on the house above the scrim on the scaffolding.

In Tomorrowland, we found this new Marvel backpack with plenty of straps and extra bags for all your super-heroing needs.

And in Black Spire Outpost, the Batuu Bounty Hunters station is ready to go and awaiting the arrival of the MagicBand+ users tomorrow. Cast Members stood by to do their best “there’s nothing to see here” impression, despite the publicity campaign that Disney has been running for weeks, telling us that there most definitely IS something to see here. That and, you know, the big yellow sign back there.

Le Petit Chalet has been closing one segment after another for a piecemeal refurbishment, and now the large center section is closed off.

Both of the side caps are open, however, having been already completed.

Disney California Adventure

Over at DCA, we found this adult crafting set, above, and this cool concert T-shirt from Powerline’s ’95 tour.

We stopped by to visit an Avenger and got the chance to get a close-up look at some arc reactor technology nearby. Meeting the Hulk is now a line-up process, rather than mobbing him like it was when he first arrived, so we got ample time to take pictures and look around without the next guest’s camera jabbed into our backs.

Headbands have gone up resort-wide, with the minimum base price now at $34.99.

And speaking of headbands, we found these new Black Panther ears in the Super Store featuring Avengers Campus.

We stopped into Cars Land to see the Halloween decorations, and we noticed Guido’s new costume. He is the Grim Beeper, and we love it.

One final parting shot from DCA is a sad one. We have garlands up on some shops. We have snow on the castle. The holidays are coming. So when can we have our floaty trees back? They were here through March this year, and we just want them back now. Please and thank you.

Well, that’s it from us here at Disneyland. We’re glad you rode along. Be sure to leave a comment below, letting us know what you think of the photo report. We’ll see ya real soon!

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