Returning CEO Bob Iger to Host Meeting With Cast Members Regarding the Company’s Future

Returning CEO Bob Iger has arranged to meet with staff and Cast Members in a town hall meeting on Monday, November 28, to discuss the company’s future.

Town hall meetings refer to the practice of meetings taking place in literal town halls, held by local governments to discuss important matters. The colloquial meaning of the term refers to a company-wide discussion that usually involves a Q&A or other opportunities for employees to express their thoughts to leadership.

One of the most notable recent town halls at Disney was a last-minute meeting hosted by former CEO Bob Chapek to discuss Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education” bill after much internal and external strife.

This meeting comes after Chapek was fired on Sunday evening, with Iger stepping back into his former role. Iger was openly unhappy with Chapek’s handling of the company and has already begun to make changes.

Only Disney employees will be allowed to attend the meeting, where Iger will field questions from the Cast. The e-mail sent to Cast Members did not detail the specifics of Iger’s agenda.

Cast Members wishing to participate should reference Iger’s e-mail or speak to a supervisor for more details.

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