REVIEW: Holiday Flatbread Joins Returning Cold Brew & Grey Stuff at Red Rose Taverne in Disneyland

For the holidays at Red Rose Taverne, a new Holiday Flatbread joins the returning Holiday Cold Brew and Holiday Grey Stuff (they really like the word “holiday” there, apparently).

Holiday Flatbread – $12.49

Pepperoni, sausage, and ham flatbread topped with arugula

This was, as all the flatbreads we’ve had from Red Rose Taverne are, disappointing. Even if one were to take a plain tomato and crush it on top of bread, it would have more flavor than this sauce.

And that’s to say nothing of the cheese, which is as commonplace as the boring sauce. The pinch of wilted, sad arugula is haphazardly thrown on top. The ham, pepperoni, and sausage are fine, as they are just stock ingredients. But it’s nothing satisfying.

Yes, it’s legally defined as food, but it doesn’t scratch that itch when you want pizza. Suffice it to say, we will not be returning for this.

Holiday Cold Brew – $6.29

Cold brew coffee with eggnog flavor


This is a sweet treat that tastes like a simple cold brew with a thick eggnog cream topping. If you aren’t a huge eggnog fan, you’ll still enjoy this drink as you can’t taste too much eggnog.


The nutmeg mixes in well with everything to make this a fun festive option for coffee addicts.

Holiday Grey Stuff – $6.49


The bottom is a soft crumbly sugar cookie with a hint of lemon that cuts through the sugary grey stuff.


The inside cake is red velvet and there is also a hidden raspberry on top.


The ratio of cookie to grey stuff to cake was spot on. This is another must have.

The holiday season at Disneyland runs from November 11 through January 8.

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