REVIEW: Three New Flavors of Turkey Legs Debut Right in Time for Thanksgiving Weekend at Disneyland

When you think of classic theme park food, what comes to mind? Do you think of basic burgers and fries? What about churros? Some people think turkey legs. For those people, Edelweiss Snacks at Disneyland is now offering three different flavors of turkey legs. You can choose between Smoked, Buffalo, and BBQ options. If you have a hungry group, you could try all three. But someone needed to find out which flavor is best, so we stepped up to the plate (or, paper bag).

Edelweiss Snacks is in Fantasyland near the Matterhorn Bobsleds.

After all, how could we choose only one? With all that turkey goodness (and grease, of course), we did not want one of the flavors to feel left out this holiday season. These turkey legs all offer the expected large portion size that makes these menu items so appealing to many Disney Parks fans.

Watch our video review below and keep scrolling for photos and more information.

Smoked Turkey Leg – $12.99

We will start with the smoked version. This version tastes fairly similar to the standard turkey leg across property.

If you desire that traditional turkey leg taste and feel, then this one will work for you nicely. The flavors expected exist with this turkey leg. We had expected more of a smoky note but it was absent. However, compared to the other two turkey legs from Edelweiss Snacks, this one is much closer to the classic.

This turkey leg at Edelweiss Snacks is a delicious, tender turkey leg that, while a little greasy, is as much a classic Disneyland flavor as the churro. If looking for traditional turkey leg flavor, this one will hit the spot.

BBQ Turkey Leg – $12.99

As the Cast Member helping us confirmed, this version consists of the traditional turkey leg receiving a coating of BBQ sauce. If you dislike turkey legs due to the potential mess factor, then skip this one.

We felt the flavor isn’t good enough to warrant the mess, Also, the barbecue sauce just seems to get in the way of the turkey leg meat that we know and love.

Since the turkey leg comes covered so completely in sauce, we could barely taste the meat tucked inside. We found the smoked turkey leg more enjoyable compared to this one. We will steer clear of this one in the future.

Buffalo Turkey Leg – $13.99

For our final turkey leg on this culinary journey, which we will never tell our medical professional about, we tried the buffalo flavored version. This one costs a dollar more. However, it does come with a side of ranch dressing.

In contrast to the barbecue sauce dipped leg, we preferred this one. We liked it better than the classic version also. The turkey leg receives a dipping in buffalo sauce, as you might expect. The sauce will not overpower you with spice, though. Yet, the sauce brings just enough classic red hot style to be called a buffalo turkey leg. This turkey leg also appears to experience a dousing of traditional glaze on top during the preparation process. This glaze creates a mild sweet flavor. This combination of sweet and peppery offered an interesting combination.

We couldn’t stop eating this one. One bite after the next, we were trying to figure out these flavors. For whatever reason, we just wanted more and more. We didn’t think it was possible to improve on our favorite turkey leg, but this one does. Still, we would not endorse the ranch dressing with this. The ranch dressing comes in a standard packaged container that belongs in a middle school cafeteria — not on this turkey leg.


Though the standard turkey leg here tastes very similar to the ones you find in carts, this classic one still provides theme park goodness. However, we would skip the barbecue version. Yet, that buffalo one makes a clear statement that our taste buds enjoyed.

How do you feel about turkey legs? Do you love them or hate them? Would you try the buffalo one? Let us know in the comments below.

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