New Retro Glitch Disneyland Resort Apparel Collection Arrives

Disneyland Resort has a new retro glitchy apparel collection featuring the resort’s iconic “D” logo, as well as more general Disneyland merchandise. We found the collection in the Emporium at Disneyland park.

Disneyland Glitch Tee – $44.99

This shirt features a wavy checkered pattern of the “D” in black squares.

The other squares are full of color.

The back is solid gray.

Disneyland Toothpick Holder – $9.99

This metal toothpick holder features the “D” on one side, with a lime green stripe across the bottom.

The silhouette of Sleeping Beauty Castle is on the other side.

Disneyland Glitch Beanie – $24.99

This beanie is black, with glitchy blue, green, and pink visuals across it.

The Disneyland Resort logo is on a patch on the bottom.

Disneyland Glitch Tee – $36.99

This shirt is blue, with “Disneyland” on a green stripe across the front and Sleeping Beauty Castle in the center.

The back of the shoulders is black with glitchy designs.

Disneyland Sweatpants – $44.99

These sweatpants are black, with the upside-down silhouette of Sleeping Beauty Castle in teal on the bottom of the legs.

Disneyland Sling Backpack – $34.99

This pleather backpack is black with a lime green zipper. The “D” is repeated down the front.

The adjustable stripe is also green, with the Disneyland Resort logo on it.

Disneyland Glitch Hoodie – $64.99

This pullover hoodie is gray, with “Disneyland” in glitchy boxes on the front.

Disneyland Ball Cap – $29.99

“Disneyland” is repeated across the front of this ball cap. “Disneyland Resort” is embroidered in lime green at the center.

“D” is embroidered on the back.

Disneyland Glitch Sweatshirt – $49.99

This sweatshirt is black with one purple sleeve. The “D” is across the front in a glitchy checkered pattern.

Disneyland Glitch Tee – $29.99

This white shirt features Sleeping Beauty Castle, made out of black and blue squares.

A yellow circle and pink stars surround it.

Disneyland Glitch Leggings – $39.99

The collection’s matching leggings are black with a wavy checkered purple and blue pattern.

“Disneyland” is in blue among the squares, and “D” is in pink.

Disneyland Mug – $19.99

Finally, settle down after a day at Disney with this blue mug, featuring the Disneyland Resort logo repeated down the sides.

It’s 30 ml / 18 oz.

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