All New 2023 Dated Merchandise (with Prices) Available at Disneyland Resort

A ton of 2023 merchandise has arrived at Disneyland Resort over the past week, including apparel for kids and adults, mouse ear headbands, and pins. Here’s all of the new 2023 merchandise we found, mostly in the Emporium at Disneyland Park.

2023 Youth Ball Cap – $27.99

This light blue ball cap is embroidered with “2023” in golden numerals. Mickey is leaning across the middle of the year, saying “Oh boy!”

Sleeping Beauty Castle, the Matterhorn, Grizzly River Run, and Pixar Pal-A-Round are all embroidered in black and gold silhouettes in the background.

The Monorail track with a gold Monorail runs under the “23,” with “Disneyland Resort” above in a slew of fireworks.

A tiny silicone black and yellow pennant with Mickey’s initials sticks from the top of the hat.

The adjustable strap is yellow.

2023 Hand Soap Dispenser – $19.99

For now, foaming hand soap dispensers (or “disnpenser”) are $12 each when you buy two.

The 2023 dispenser is an off-white color with a black top. It’s covered in images of different character and icon pennants.

The dispenser comes loaded with soap that has a “fresh scent with hints of grapefruit.”

2023 Long-Sleeved Shirt – $39.99

This shirt is white, with a Disneyland pennant across the chest.

More pennants, each featuring a different classic Disney character, run down the right sleeve.

“’23” is on the back.

2023 Shrink Art Kit – $19.99

Get crafty with this shrink art kit, which includes 14 colored pencils and 4 shrink art sheets.

The sheets feature images of Mickey and friends, iconic treats, and pennants. There are instructions on the packaging on how to create the shrink art using an oven or hairdryer.

2023 Youth Crop Shirt – $24.99

Minnie and Mickey are on the front of this white T-shirt, with “2023” in blue lettering around them. Pixar Pier is in the background to one side, while Sleeping Beauty Castle is on the other side.

The back of the shirt is blank.

2023 Towel – $29.99

Continuing the retro theme, this towel features all the character pennants from other merchandise, and one pennant just reading “2023.”

2023 Minnie Ear Headband – $34.99

These Minnie ears have an orange polka-dot bow atop a blue velveteen headband.

Sleeping Beauty Castle is printed in white, yellow, and orange on one ear.

Fireworks are on the other ears. Both are transparent and filled with blue confetti.

“2023” is embroidered on the side of the headband.

2023 Youth Hoodie – $39.99

This youth hoodie is heather gray and zips up.

Mickey is below “2023” on the left breast.

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy are on the back.

2023 Youth Hoodie – $39.99

Another youth hoodie is light blue with an all-over pattern.

The pattern is mostly pennants featuring Mickey and friends, “2023,” and Sleeping Beauty Castle. There are also yellow and orange fireworks.

2023 Tumbler – $27.99

This tumbler cup is transparent and patterned all over with multi-colored fireworks.

A dark blue stripe around the center features Mickey and friends.

Sleeping Beauty Castle is right behind Mickey and Donald.

The included straw is pale blue.

It’s topped with a white cap and silicone orange 2023 pennant straw clip.

2023 Youth Tee – $39.99

This youth tee has an all-over pattern of character faces, names, and the year.

It features Mickey, Minnie, Chip ‘n’ Dale, Pluto, Goofy, and Donald.

2023 Glow Ear Headband – $20.42

Another pair of ears are atop a black plastic headband. “20” is on one transparent ear and “23” is on the other, with fireworks around the numbers.

The numbers are colorful on the front but black on the back.

The ears light up!

2023 Mug – $22.99

Sleeping Beauty Castle and Pixar Pier are pictured on one side of this white mug, with the Disneyland Resort logo in blue.

Probably best to give these a wash before using them.

“2023” is on the other side, above a Monorail.

2023 Sweatpants – $49.99

The sweatpants are light blue with pockets and a drawstring waist.

“Disneyland Resort” is down the left leg in yellow letters, with Mickey and friends. Goofy, at the top, is holding a 2023 banner.

2023 Monorail Lunchbox – $29.99

Whether you’re going to the office or to school, you’re going to want this new lunchbox. It’s shaped like the cab of a Monorail, complete with gray stripes representing the space between cars, and dark windows. Yellow, orange, and tan stripes run across the center to the nose.

A 2023 pennant charm is included.

The back is light gray.

The stripes and windows continue across the front.

It has a handle on top and zips open.

The inside is insulated.

2023 Tee – $39.99

This tee features Mickey and friends (complete with the 2023 banner) marching in front of a black-and-white photo of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

The back is solid white.

2023 Shorts – $36.99

These shorts are dark blue with an all-over pattern of pennants and fireworks.

They have a drawstring waist.

2023 Onesie – $19.99

Even your newborn can get in on the new year celebrations with this dark blue onesie featuring Mickey, Minnie, and the year.

2023 Mickey Plush – $24.99

This plush of Mickey is holding a 2023 pennant.

He has small fireworks embroidered on his ears.

His shorts are more of an orange color than red, matching the new year’s color scheme.

The pennant is yellow and orange, with a black Mickey head at the end.

2023 Pennant Pillow – $39.99

This pillow is also pennant-shaped. It’s blue and yellow, with Goofy at the wide end saying, “A’hyuk.” “2023” is across the yellow section.

The other side is white and orange, featuring Sleeping Beauty Castle in black with “Disneyland Resort” on the side end. Blue strips of fabric also stick out of the end.

2023 Die-Cast Bus Set – $14.99

This set includes two die-cast Disney Parks buses. They are blue with darker blue accents. Both read “2023,” while one features all of Mickey’s friends. The other just has Mickey and Minnie.

2023 Youth Tee – $19.99

This dark blue shirt has Mickey and the gang under the year, which is surrounded by stars and fireworks.

The back is blank.

2023 Lanyard – $12.99

Show off your trading pins with this reversible lanyard. One side is dark blue and features the faces of Mickey and friends with the year interspersed.

The other side is orange with yellow lettering reading “2023. Ride. Snack. Repeat.”

2023 Pin Starter Set – $34.99

You can also get a lanyard with this starter set that includes four pennant-shaped pins. The lanyard is red with yellow images of Disneyland snacks and icons like a Mickey waffle, popcorn, and an ear hat. The pins feature Mickey, Goofy, Pluto, and Chip ‘n Dale.

2023 Pin Set – $29.99

This set includes six pins, each showing Sleeping Beauty Castle in silhouette with “2023” in the foreground. Each pin features a different character: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, or Goofy.

2023 Mystery Pin Set – $17.99

The mystery pin set includes 10 pins. One box contains 2 randomly selected pins.

They are, of course, pennant-shaped.

In fact, they’re the pennants we’ve been seeing on the other merchandise — plus one featuring Stitch.

2023 Spinner Pin – $14.99

This pin has Mickey, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy in a spinning circle around the castle. A 2023 banner is rising above them.

2023 Villains Pin – $9.99

Disney Villains like Hades, Ursula, and Scar are in rectangles around Sleeping Beauty Castle on this pin. “2023” is along the bottom.

2023 Mickey Pin – $9.99

This circular pin features Mickey strolling through Disneyland Resort, with the park icons behind him.

2023 Stitch Pin – $9.99

Stitch has his tongue out, ready for snacks, on this pin also featuring the park icons.

2023 Edna Pin – $9.99

Edna Mode is posing in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle on this pin that reads “Ride. Snack. Be Super.”

2023 Lanyard Pouch – $9.99

Finally, complete the pin trader look with this plastic lanyard pouch. The front is dark blue, with Mickey, “2023,” and the castle.

What 2023 merchandise are you planning to take home? Let us know in the comments. Plus, check out the Disney 100 Years of Wonder merchandise collection also available at Disneyland Resort.

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