Disney100 Collectible Medallions Now Available Across Disneyland Resort

The first in a collection of Disney100 Collectible Medallions are now available across the Disneyland Resort’s parks and hotels, just in time for guests to commemorate the start of Disney’s 100 Years of Wonder celebration.

Disneyland Hotel

Four medallions can be purchased from an automated machine inside the lobby of the Disneyland Hotel. Dumbo, Sorcerer Mickey, Pinocchio, Mowgli and Baloo are all part of the collection of medallions now being featured in this machine for the 100th-anniversary celebration.

As giant medallions decorate both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Parks, a smaller collectible coin helps guests to bring the Disney100 celebration home. Each medallion is $6 each or guests can choose four medallions for $20.

Dumbo Disney100 Medallion

Dumbo flies through the sky carrying a feather in his trunk and Timothy Q. Mouse upon his back in this first of four collectible medallions. The Disney 100 Years of Wonder logo is featured among starbursts on top.

Sorcerer Mickey Disney100 Medallion

Of course, the 100 Years of Wonder celebration wouldn’t be complete without Sorcerer Mickey. Mickey appears to have mastered the magic since first debuting in the animated 1940 film. “Fantasia.” The collectible medallion features Mickey pointing to the skies as the Disney100 logo appears on the opposite half of the platinum coin.

Mowgli and Baloo Disney100 Medallion

Mowgli enjoys a float down the river courtesy of his pal Baloo on the front of this Disney100 medallion. The two first cruised down the river when “The Jungle Book” premiered in 1967. A rippling river could be seen beneath the two characters, while the Disney100 logo is embossed among starbursts above.

Pinocchio Disney100 Medallion

Guests can also find Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket as part of the 100 Years of Wonder collectible medallion collection. Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket seem to have just discovered the boy’s growing wooden nose.

On the backside of each of the Disney100 collectible medallions, guests can be sure of their inclusion in the centennial celebration. The Disney 100 Years of Wonder branding fills up much of the coin with the Disneyland logo placed underneath. An ornate round frame features Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. Aurora’s three fairy godmothers are featured throughout the Disney100 celebration across the Disneyland Resort.

Grand Californian Hotel

Just within the entrance to the Grand Californian Hotel from the Downtown Disney District, another Disney100 Collectible Medallion kiosk offers up four more of the platinum Disney character coins.

These four 100 Years of Wonder Collectible Medallions are all about power duos. Bambi and Thumper; Olaf and Sven; Lady and the Tramp; and Cogsworth and Lumiere are all featured at the Grand Californian Hotel.

Bambi Disney100 Medallion

A playful Bambi and Thumper are featured on this medallion.

Frozen Olaf and Sven Disney100 Medallion

Olaf catches a ride on top of Sven as the two slide across the ice.

Lady and the Tramp Disney100 Medallion

Lady and the Tramp look happy to be palling around as the two are featured on their own Disney100 medallion.

Lumiere and Cogsworth Disney100 Medallion

Best duo in “Beauty and the Beast?” Wrong. It’s Lumiere and Cogsworth. We’re so happy to see they’ve made it on their very own Disney100 medallion.

Space Mountain

Star Wars fans rejoice! Your favorite Lucasfilm characters have their own Disney100 Collectible Medallion kiosk just outside of Space Mountain.

Princess Leia and R2D2 Disney100 Medallion

Princess Leia consoles R2D2 as the two appear on their 100 Years of Wonder medallion.

Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader Disney100 Medallion

Luke and Darth Vader battle it out on the second medallion found at the exit of Space Mountain.

Chewbacca and Han Solo Disney100 Medallion

Chewbacca and Han Solo are paired together for their own Star Wars Disney100 Collectible Medallion.

Yoda Disney100 Medallion

Celebrate we will. Yoda looks ready to handle anything as he appears on his own Disney 100 Years of Wonder collectible coin.

Pieces of Eight | Pirates of the Caribbean

Characters from both the Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion attractions are featured on the series of four Disney100 medallions found inside the Pieces of Eight gift shop outside of Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Haunted Mansion Disney100 Medallions

Madame Leota in a crystal ball and the three hitchhiking ghosts are featured on Disney’s 100 Years of Wonder Collectible Medallions found inside the Pieces of Eight shop.

Pirates of the Caribbean Disney100 Medallions

The pirate beggars and the beloved pooch from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” attraction are featured on one of two Pirates of the Caribbean Disney100 medallions. The second features a skull and crossbones and the ride’s signature title logo.

A much larger Disney 100 Years of Wonder medallion has been erected above the entrance to Disney California Adventure while another can be found inside the park near the Storytellers statue. More medallions can be found across the centennial decor inside much of Disney California Adventure.

For those looking to collect all of the Disney 100 Years of Wonder collectible platinum medallions, a souvenir medallion book is expected across Disney Parks soon. We got our first look at the collector’s book at Walt Disney World, but it’s only a matter of time before guests should be able to find one available inside the Disneyland Resort.

Will you be starting a new collection of Disney100 Collectible Medallions to commemorate 100 Years of Wonder? Let us know which medallion is first on your list in the comments below.

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