REVIEW: Korean Fried Chicken Sliders, Watermelon Punch, & Asian Beef Burrito from Studio Catering Co. at Disney California Adventure

Looking for some fusion cuisine as you enjoy the winter months at Disney California Adventure? Fear not, you have plenty of options right here at Studio Catering Co. in Hollywood Land. As the seasonal menus turned around, we got to try the new Korean Fried Chicken Sliders, Watermelon Punch, and the Asian Beef Burrito. So let’s dig in and see how these new offerings hold up!

Korean Fried Chicken Sliders – $11.49

Korean Fried Chicken topped with Gochujang Sauce, Kimchi, Coleslaw and Pickled Onions, served on Sweet Hawaiian Bread

These were a one note song of gochujang, unfortunately. The sauce completely overpowers everything else in the slider. The crunchy texture of the chicken is nice, but there are no flavor notes to be detected from either the chicken or the slaw or even the bread.

The salty, spicy fermented red pepper paste is not only the star of the show, but it’s a solo act. It’s not wholly unpleasant, but it’s just not all that interesting and we wish there was more than one flavor here, especially with how much is on the slider. Probably best to pass on this unless you really, really love gochujang.

Asian Beef Burrito – $11.49

Korean Marinated Beef, Kimchi Fried Rice with Bacon, Gochujang, Cabbage Salad with Almonds and Toasted Ramen, topped with Gochujang Aїoli

This was a real winner! Whereas everything else was monotonous or unpleasant, this one is complex and interesting. Our only note on this would be that we wish the slaw was a little more fresh and crunchy, rather than soggy and weighed down. It would be nice to have an additional textural element in there to break things up. But that’s a minor note and doesn’t impact the flavor, which is incredible!

The Korean beef and the kimchi fried rice work so well together, and it keeps you guessing from bite to bite. We will definitely be back to revisit this again soon, and recommend you do as well!

Watermelon Punch – $5.99

Korean-style Watermon Punch with Sprite® and Oat Milk

This one was almost right. The Sprite really brought an unpleasant characteristic to it from the saccharin, syrupy bite at the finish.

The watermelon flavor was, from what we could tell, fresh. But it was severely encumbered by the wateriness of the Sprite and the creaminess of the oat milk. Overall, this is trying to be something it’s not and we would definitely skip it. Take a short stroll over to Schmoozies for their Watermelon Lemonade instead, if you’re craving that flavor.

All three of these items are available now for you to try at the Studio Catering Co. at Disney California Adventure! What do you think though, do you disagree with our thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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