REVIEW: Loaded Chocolate Chip Funnel Cake and Berry Lemonade Sweeten Up Hungry Bear Restaurant in Disneyland

Your sweet tooth can get a serious workout at Hungry Bear Restaurant in Disneyland thanks to two new items: the Loaded Chocolate Chip Funnel Cake and Berry Lemonade!

Loaded Chocolate Chip Funnel Cake – $9.99

Cookie Crumbles, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream, Whipped Topping and Chocolate Sauce

This is just a regular old funnel cake with a scoop of ice cream on top and a crumbled chocolate chip cookie. It doesn’t really hang together well as a cohesive dish, but neither are any of the ingredients really stellar on their own.

The chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is nice, but we would be just as happy if it was in a cup or a cone on its own. The funnel cake is almost unnecessary.

There are better treats and better funnel cakes here at Disneyland. This one feels like a waste on a good appetite, and a disappointing use of the new “Disney 100 Years of Wonder” plates.

Berry Lemonade – $5.99

served over Ice with Berry Compote

This was nice, and a perfect treat for spring (even if spring is technically still months away). It’s sweet, but not overly so, with a healthy dose of tart lemon.

The benefit of the fruit coming from a compote rather than a flavored syrup means that there is a bright pop of real fruit flavor that enhances, rather than weighs down, the drink. It’s still sweet enough to satisfy that craving we all get for sweet treats at Disneyland, but also far more palatable than something more sugary.

Overall, we enjoyed this drink on a cloudy afternoon and it’ll be even better as spring crawls towards summer, sitting on the upper deck of the Hungry Bear Restaurant and looking out over the river at the boats going by.

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