REVIEW: Milk & Cookies Pretzel Appears at the Tomorrowland Pretzel Cart in Disneyland

A new way to sweeten your day at Disneyland is here, as a new Milk & Cookies Pretzel has landed at the pretzel cart in Tomorrowland.

The pretzel was previously available exclusively at Disney Merriest Nites in 2021, but now all Disneyland guests can enjoy it.

Milk & Cookies Pretzel – $8.25

Cream Cheese-filled Pretzel, Taro Sweetened Condensed Milk, topped with Oreo Cookie Crumbles

This one was fun! When someone says “milk and cookies,” we don’t immediately think taro, but the condensed milk is enhanced by a gentle taro flavor that is the predominant note of the dish.

Each of these flavors – the sweet cream cheese, the toasty pretzel, the creamy condensed milk, the taro, and the chocolate cookies – is present and accounted for, and they all work well together to create something new, delicious, and greater than the sum of its parts.

The specialty pretzels in Tomorrowland usually swing for the fences in strange combinations that are unique, but often don’t succeed in pleasing the palate. This one is the exception to the rule, in that it is super successful in its attempt and unique to boot. We recommend this!

If you’re looking to get a snack at Disneyland, be sure to keep an eye out for “Disney 100 Years of Wonder” themed plates, cups, and popcorn boxes around the park.

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