REVIEW: New Gummy Worm Drink Wriggles into Troubadour Tavern in Disneyland

Disneyland has been invaded by worms… gummy worms, that is, thanks to the new Gummy Worm Drink at Troubadour Tavern. But can it squirm into our heart? Let’s find out!

Gummy Worm Drink – $5.49

Gold Peak Tea, Pineapple, Mango, Tamarind and Orange Juice over Ice with Gummy Worms

This is an odd drink, with a fitting name. Interestingly enough, it does taste somewhat like a gummy worm. It’s hard to pin down exactly what the flavor of a gummy worm is, but as you’re drinking this tea and juice drink, gummy worms do pop into mind.

Adding to that are several gummy worms that are lingering at the bottom of the glass, helping to further imbue their flavor into the concoction.

We would say that tamarind is probably the predominant flavor of this drink, though it does seem cohesive to be one uniform flavor all the way through.

We enjoyed it, but it was very sweet, so we don’t know that we would necessarily revisit it again.

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