REVIEW: New Spicy Paloma Cocktail Heats Up Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill in Disney California Adventure

Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill has cooked up a new way to warm up the winter with the new Spicy Paloma cocktail! But does it heat up our taste buds? Let’s find out!

Spicy Paloma – $16.00

Tequila, Fresh Grapefruit, Serrano Simple Syrup, topped with Sprite and served with a Tamarind Chamoy Rim

This cocktail almost works. The addition of Sprite is odd, though not surprising for a theme park, and it just seems to dilute what might have been a much better cocktail. The grapefruit comes through nicely, as does the tequila – which is rare, to be able to taste the spirit in a theme park cocktail. But there’s something about it that’s not quite watery, but almost like it’s diluting the flavor so that it never gets too strong.

The serrano syrup is present in flavor, but doesn’t bring much of the heat and even the chamoy rim isn’t as spicy as we would have expected. There’s not much spicy in this Paloma, and it feels like they’re even trying to do away with the Paloma flavor in the Paloma.

It’s fine for what it is, and it will both satisfy thirst and a hankering for a sweet treat on a beautiful spring day, but in the grand scheme of cocktails available at Disney California Adventure, it’s not spectacular. The Holiday Ponche is still available at Cocina Cucamonga, and that one far surpasses this Spicy Paloma.

Would you give this cocktail a try? Let us know in the comments!

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