REVIEW: Spring Roll Slides Onto Sonoma Terrace Menu for the 2023 Lunar New Year at Disney California Adventure

If you’re looking for a more grab-and-go snack while visiting Disney California Adventure for the 2023 Lunar New Year Festival, we recommend hitting up Sonoma Terrace. Special for the festival, they’ve added a Pad Thai Spring Roll to the menu that’s sure to put a spring in your step.

Photos of Menu Items for Sonoma Terrace in Disney California Adventure for Lunar New Year 2023

*NEW* Pad Thai Spring Roll – $9.00

Shrimp with scrambled eggs, noodles, crushed peanuts, and Thai basil served with tangy slaw and pad Thai sauce

A Pad Thai Spring Roll makes for a great reason to stop by Sonoma Terrace. This new addition is delicious, fresh, and vibrant. A semi-transparent spring roll wrapper allows the fresh ingredients to peek through from the inside. This appetizer comes with a tangy slaw and pad thai sauce for dipping.

The herbal, fresh basil and the bright crunch of the carrots balance out with the fresh shrimp for a delicious bite. This was a fantastic snack, especially for those looking for something light and fresh, but we might skip the pad thai sauce next time.

The pad thai sauce offers a taste of vinegar that wasn’t terrible, but did mask some of the other fresh ingredients of the spring roll. With the flavors already being so great on their own, and the vinegar kick thrown out from the delicious slaw, the pad thai sauce seemed to be a skippable addition to an otherwise delicious dish.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a fantastic light and fresh snack, the Pad Thai Spring Roll is a great choice. Just skip the sauce for the most flavor.

The Lunar New Year festival is running from January 20 through February 15, 2023.

What did you think of this tasty little snack? Let us know in the comments below!

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