REVIEW: Strawberry Churro is Back with New Chocolate-Marshmallow Dipping Sauce at Disneyland

Valentine’s Day is coming fast, but you can start the romance a little early with the return of the Strawberry Churro at Disneyland!

This can be found at the churro carts near Town Square and Sleeping Beauty Castle on Main Street, U.S.A.

Strawberry Churro – $5.75

with Strawberry-Flavored Sugar

A chocolate-marshmallow dipping sauce can be added for an additional $1.50.

The strawberry churro is very fragrant, but the flavor is lacking.

That smell of scratch and sniff strawberry perfume is very strong and can be smelled coming off the churro at arm’s length. Yet the flavor is that of perfume, rather than strawberries. It doesn’t even taste like strawberry candy or fake strawberry flavored syrup. It really does just taste like the perfume smell, stuck to a churro.

It’s not wholly unpleasant, but it’s definitely distracting from what would otherwise be a delicious golden churro on its own.

Meanwhile, the chocolate marshmallow dipping sauce is a new way of combining these flavors that we have so often seen with churro dipping sauces. This time, the marshmallow sauce is itself chocolate-flavored rather than having a chocolate sauce with marshmallows in it, or conversely, a marshmallow sauce with chocolate drizzled on top. This time, they’re combined together into one velvety smooth dip that packs a big punch of chocolate flavor.

Looking at it, one would expect a subtle milk chocolate flavor, but it’s actually deep and dark, almost like it’s cocoa powder-flavored. We were surprised and we thoroughly enjoyed it. This dipping sauce would go better with a traditional churro, as the strawberry perfume churro just kind of gets in the way and distracts the diner from what would otherwise be a delicious dip.

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