Construction Walls Removed, Reopening Adventureland Pathway at Disneyland

The construction walls erected a few weeks ago in Adventureland at Disneyland have been removed and pushed back, once again allowing guests passage to and from New Orleans Square. The walls ran from the Pirates of the Caribbean entrance to Tropical Imports, so guests had to be rerouted through Frontierland to reach Bengal BBQ and Jungle Cruise.

This walkway has opened back up.

It looks like some of the pavement has been replaced, and there have possibly been other minor refurbishments in the area, but nothing obvious.

The walls caused a lot of congestion in this area of the park so we’re glad they weren’t up for longer than a month.

Of course, fencing and green scrim remains up around Adventureland Treehouse, still under construction.

Instead of being inspired by a different IP (it was rumored it could be “Encanto”-themed), the new treehouse will have an original story about a family living in the treehouse on Jungle River. It will look more like the original 1962 Swiss Family Treehouse, including a water wheel at the entrance, but the family is different, hence the name Adventureland Treehouse.

The full title is actually Adventureland Treehouse Inspired by Walt Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson. It’s scheduled to open this year.

Indiana Jones Adventure is closed for a months-long refurbishment.

Signs outside the attraction say, “Temple tours will begin again this spring!”

Typically these extended refurbishments involve a lot of maintenance work, but the rumor is Disney is also expected to include some new elements/scenes from the new Indy film, “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.” The film is expected to be released in theaters on June 30, 2023. No exact reopening date for the ride has been announced.

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